A bitter pill in sugar coating, Milkbomb ignore the clash between great indie rock and pure pop. They instead meld them together, focusing on great melodies presented with passion and honesty.


Genre: Rock (Loud And Energetic Alternative/Pop)
Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Electric Guitar. Bass guitar. A Five piece drum kit. The guy with the electric guitar is singing into a microphone. It’s loud, but it’s catchy. It’s organic. It’s REAL. It all used to be so simple. Wipe out the artificial excess of the scene, and start it over so it matters again.

Milkbomb is a grunge/pop band coming out of the Portland, OR independent scene that is reminiscent of the days when the much needed breath of fresh air that was NW Rock & Roll was king. Milkbomb's upcoming debut CD "None of These People are Real" provides that same breath of fresh air from a unique perspective, addressing the frustration and hopelessness of growing up in an isolated, rural community and waving the flag for the growing segment of rock and roll fans who don’t feel represented by either the mainstream (too artificial and predictable) nor indie (too self-important and predictable) communities.

Recorded in Drummer Kevin Dukes’ basement for less than $450 with co-producer and engineer Carl Mangine, “None of These People are Real” is a testament to how Milkbomb is winning people over with undeniably hooky songwriting, while still maintaining the sense of unpredictability that is vital to all great rock music.

Vocalist/Guitarist Peter Sampson and Drummer Kevin Dukes grew up together in the small two town Oregon community of Yamhill/Carlton, meeting in high school and quickly gravitating together, playing together in several local bands. Both moved to Portland, and in 2006, the search was on to round out the Milkbomb lineup. The two went through several false starts on bass before finding a companion that shared a similar ethic. Enter bassist Isaac Dickman (from Eugene’s grungy “Candy Machine Wrecker”). After quickly honing their sound, Milkbomb is gaining a following, one great, unpredictable show at a time.

Milkbomb have been compared to Nirvana, Mudhoney, Foo Fighters, Pinehurst Kids, and even Beat Happening. At least this is what their fans are saying; the members of Milkbomb don’t really know.

And they don’t care.


Milkbomb released their debut album "None of These People are Real" on July 5th, 2008. The 14 song album was produced and engineered by Carl Mangine and the album's release party at The Ash Street Saloon was named 101.1 KUFO's local show of the week after "Ashtray" received multiple spins on the station.

Milkbomb have also reached an agreement with New York based label Latchkey Recordings to include "Ashtray" on a "best of indie" compilation CD in 2009.

Set List

Milkbomb has enough material to fill an 75 minute set with no drop in energy. The band is most comfortable with 12-15 songs in a 45-60 minute set.