Milking Diamonds

Milking Diamonds

 Syracuse, New York, USA

Filling the alt-pop soundscape with a wash of rich vocals, chiming, textural guitar and atmospheric keyboard, Milking Diamonds transcends the typical. "----Listening to Milking Diamonds is like being the kite string on a windy day--enjoying the equal tension of high and low, ether and ground."


Formed in 2007 Milking Diamonds, husband-wife duo Katherine Scholl vox/keyboards and Sam French, Jr., vox/guitar, released their debut album in 2009 and follow up ep, Migragorius, in 2015. While staying true to their own moody alt-pop sound that blends influences from well known and more obscure 80's alternative and dream pop bands with current indie pop and rock, creatively, they're "happy to dwell in a permeable musical membrane with plenty of room for shape shifting". No matter the venue size, their live performances become intimate, and you're drawn into music you never even realized you've been missing.


Surface When It's Clear (2009)