Milk Jug Band

Milk Jug Band


Milk Jug Band blends southern cornbread with a little Montana moonshine to whisk away their audience in a high energy show.


The Milk Jug Band explores their peripatetic meanderings in verse, all the while staying true to their southern roots. The MJB explores the traditional canon of bluegrass music by using narrative, yet challenges the form by blending other rhythms, sheer physicality in performance, and by the contemporary nature of the work. They are influenced by pretty much all of their predecessors, including Mississippi John Hurt, Sam Cooke, Vivaldi, Ralph Stanley, Bob Marley to more contemporary artists such as Todd Snider, Gillian Welch, and Townes van Zant.
It all began in Monroe, GA, where Matt, Jay, and Chris grew up together. As each began traveling internationally, they united back in Nashville, TN now with Andy Pond picking the banjo.



Written By: Jason Asteros

I spent all my money on Saturday night on a warm bottle of whiskey and a cup of ice. As I walked through the streets, whereas a child I used to play, I remember how things were, but it’s not the same place. I walked through the river where we all used to go. I was thinking about my old friends and drinking slow.


One of them is a diplomat, the other does too many drugs. Dave went to New Mexico trying to find love. One got married, now he’s divorced. Neil’s found God in the Air Force. One of them is a dentist, just like his mom and dad. And me, I’ve just lost the best thing I’ve ever had…


When they came down to the river to pray, I was lying besides the water half- awake. Preacher walked in, wearing his long white robe, said if you let Him into your heart the gates of Heaven will open. The children all made a line in the sand. Then he dipped them in the water with his two hands…


They say the muddy river will wash your sins away, waist deep in the muddy water I pray.

Lord, lord what have I let myself become, I tried I tried, but I can’t get up. I was found, but I got lost again somehow and I ‘m sorry if I let you down, but I don’t wanna keep walking through this valley of sin, I’ll try to do better if you let me back in.


Set List

Johnny and Jenny
Hard Rain
Curtis Boys
poor Man
Jesus Gonna Reach Out for Your Hand
Mardi Gras
Covers include:
Little Maggie
Down By the Riverside