Milk Kan

Milk Kan

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'Talkin Blues takes in UK urban rap and punk. What a hybrid!'Tom Robinson BBC 6Music 'ALBUM OF THE WEEK' 'This band is something special.' BBC Radio 1's Huw Stephens 'The bastard child of Mike Skinner and Madness.' Music Week


'Milk Kan you rule. Somewhere between Bob Dylan and Mike skinner. Poets with Attitude, free-form, stream-of-consciousness blues-rapping with acoustic guitars. It's lyrical genius of the observational kind and the weirdest, awkwardly endearing thing on earth right now.' - Steve Lamacq BBC Radio 1

'Anybody who can write the lyrics "This shit is more confusing than Donnie Darko" deserves your attention. Even more so as a Mary Poppins type dancehall drift by in the background' Big Cheese Magazine

'Roll up for a battle of the Mc's that pays no heed to genre and laughs in the face of history. Pogoing around the cut with the spirit of the specials and the ghost of Ian Dury.' - IDJ Magazine

'An energetic mixture of punk, old skool indie rock, 60's rock n roll and hip hop, but the most entising thing about this album is the story-telling.' .' - -

'Kill All A&R Men' is a masterstroke that destroys the industry types to get the very same people going giddy.' Undercover Magazine

'This is absolutely genius' - Tom Robinson BBC 6Music

'Imagine a punk skiffle hybrid with the rumbustiousness of The Pogues, Streets attitude, and line up targets suitable for derision and take the piss in a guttersnipe - versus - Gucci deathmatch mode.' The Fly Magazine


Bling Bling Baby (single)
Here Ya Come Again Feat:Dolly Parton (Limited Single)
God With An Ipod (single)
I'm a Nobody (single)
Don't Panic (single)
MILK KAN (Album)
All featured on BBC radio.

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