Crawley, Western Australia, AUS

Milknurse are a psychedelic/indie-rock band from Perth, Western Australia. With a late 70’s look, modern grunge tone and heartfelt lyrics.


Formed in early 2009 and after experimenting with synthesizer- driven pop, Milknurse experimented with different sounds and techniques until hitting their style both musically and lyrically. With influences from bands as diverse as the Beatles, via the White Stripes to Nick Cave, their music is successfully experimental without losing out on pop sensibilities.

Milknurse are currently recording their first EP, titled ‘Milknurse Record an EP!’ and are happy to sell them-selves to the highest bidder. Milknurse are currently gigging around Perth, with fellow TAFE bands and the like.

The song 'Miss You" will be included on the Amped ’09 CD, a compilation of songs by TAFE bands, which will be launched at the Rosemount Hotel on Friday, November 27th.


"Milknurse record and EP!" - EP

Set List

Miss You
Always look on the bright side