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Milks & Rectangles

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Band Rock Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"#4 of 12 on CBC's Strombo Show"

Milks & Rectangles listed as #4 on the Strombo top 12 - CBC

"Herohill Favorites !09: Canadian EPs!"

Milks & Rectangles! take on across-the-pond boomers is quite enjoyable and polished
for a debut effort ... [I]f you told me this EP was from a group of seasoned vets playing
overseas, I wouldn!t blink an eye.
" — Herohill (Civic Virtues listed #9 on year-end #Favorites !09: Canadian EPs!) -

"East Coast Overture"

From beginning to end, Civic Virtues is an indie pop fan's dream come true.
" — Jillianne Hamilton, East Coast Overture
- East Coast Overture

"i(heart)music Best songs of 2009"

On [“Heart!s The Target” and “Slander Debunked”], it's awfully hard to listen to Civic Vir-
tues and not feel as though you're listening to the next big thing from the East Coast.
" — i(heart)music (“Slander Debunked” selected as #10 of #Best songs of 2009!) - i(heart)music


Last year, PEI's Milks & Rectangles exploded out of nowhere and out of your speakers with a surprisingly ambitious debut EP. Civic Virtues may sound like a title to a Weakerthans track, but quite quickly the EP showed the band's influence came from across the pond, not simply across the Confederation Bridge. More importantly, the songs reached for the rafters and the young lads from Charlottetown seemed determined to make entire stadiums rock, not just small, smoke-filled clubs.

Whether it's the experience of playing more gigs, the simple reality of growing up quickly on the road or the frustration of reading countless reviewers lean on the easy sounds-like comparison, Troubleshooters finds M&R leaving the delusions of grandeur and most of the Franz Ferdinand inspired boomers behind. They still have tons of energy and a tackle box full of hooks, but seem more comfortable playing rock with varied tempos and a darker edge that is tailor made for the size venue they currently reside in.

The transition works well for the young band, and gives them a ceiling much higher than one created by perfecting the sound they exposed on Civic Virtues. Opening with the frantic drums, howling lead vocals and swirling harmonies, Wink And A Gun (The Jury's Hung) is the perfect intro to the band's new sound. Granted, they follow with Unring the Bell, a track that could easily fit on their last EP, but you have to hand it to the PEI outfit; they make that journey to the other side of the pond seem natural and effortless.

These 15 minutes - including a Barnkats cover - should be enough for you to put Milks & Rectangles on your radar and expose a sonic palette ready for a full length release. Not convinced? Well, head over to the band's web site and download the EP for free. You won't be disappointed. -

" (LMNOP) Review"

“We rarely review EPs, but when we do it means there's something kinda special going on … Civic Virtues is a nice, smooth spin featuring nifty pop tunes that sound something like a cross between The New Pornographers and The Kinks (more the former than the latter). The songs are presented simply without unnecessary ingredients getting in the way of the vocal melodies.” -

"[here] New Brunswick"

"Those not interested in hearing snappy pop songs need not listen to Civic Virtues ...
Civic Virtues proves to be a promising start to a potentially fruitful career. " - Ken Kelley


Dirty Gold (2010)
Troubleshooters (2010)
Civic Virtues (2009)



MILKS & RECTANGLES are a four-piece indie pop rocknroll band from Charlottetown, PEI.

Milks have been named #4 of top 12 artists on CBC's Strombo Show.

Milks & Rectangles are signed on Night Danger, a sub-label of Outside Music run by In-Flight Safety.

Milks' first EP was ranked 9th on Herohill's list of their favorite Canadian EP of 2009, and "Slander Debunked" ranked 10th on i(heart)music's 'Best songs of 2009.'

Notable performances with In-Flight Safety, Library Voices, The Novaks, English Words, and The Danks.

Milks & Rectangles are releasing their third record 'Dirty Gold' at Halifax Pop Explosion Oct 23rd. Released on In-Flight Safety's label Night Danger, a sub-label of Outside Music Canada.

All music is avaible for free download at