Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Music the whole family can groove to. Milkshake is fun, refreshing and incredibly interactive in concert.


Fronted by the duo of vocalist Lisa Mathews and acoustic guitar player Mikel Gehl, Milkshake is a rock band for kids and grownups alike. Baltimore Magazine selected the group as one of its “Best of Baltimore,” writing, ““Hip parents who like music will absolutely thrill to Milkshake.”
Listeners will note influences ranging from Julie Andrews and Rodgers and Hammerstein to the Beatles and The White Stripes.

Lisa Mathews’ charisma drives Milkshake. Her vibrant warmth and energy are matched by a gorgeous, mellow voice, characterized as “unforgettable” by MTV Online’s Vicki Popdan. Lee Barish of The Cleveland Scene wrote, “Lisa Mathews really sounds like no one else.” Lisa uses her full vocal range to showcase a whole concert’s worth of style in ‘Bottle of Sunshine,’ traveling from the intimate, folksong-like naiveté of “Bluebird” and the sweetness of “One Wish Away,” to the pedal-to-the-metal, all-stops-pulled-out vocal thrill of “School,” “Space Song,” and “Book of Dreams.” Mikel Gehl on acoustic guitar and Miles Anderson on electric guitar
match Lisa’s virtuosity every step of the way.

From their beginnings in the 80’s as the new wave band Beyond Words through the melodic adult rock of the popular Baltimore-based group Love Riot in the 90’s to the natural evolution, after becoming parents, of making great rock music for kids in this decade as Milkshake, Lisa Mathews and Mikel Gehl are a notable example of two people happily connected through their work who have evolved and remained fresh and new throughout the years. Love Riot fans who used to follow the group from gig to gig and who are now parents have been thrilled to discover Lisa and Mikel’s new incarnation, Milkshake. Kids in tow, these fans now happily follow Milkshake from show to show.
Mathews’ and Gehl’s original music has been heard on many network television programs, including NBC-TV’s Providence, Homicide: Life on the Street, All My Children, and Passions, and ABC-TV’s JAG, and One Life to Live, as well as on MTV, the Oxygen Channel, Disney’s Zgames 2000, and the Showtime Network. Milkshake has recently filmed a number of segments for cable children’s programming in Baltimore, and they have created several music videos.


"Bottle of Sunshine" CD - October 2004 release
"Happy Songs" CD - August 2002 release

Set List

Bottle Of Sunshine
Breakfast Time
Boom Boom
Fingers & Toes
ABC of Me
Happy Song
Book Of Dreams
Space Song
Love Train

We can do one or two sets, 45 - 60 minutes. Some covers, but mostly original music for children