Milk Teddy

Milk Teddy

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MIlk Teddy are totally the next wave/new wave anecdotally proven thing: intelligent, funny and pop with a bit of an art/avant lean. Two dudes, singer is Thomas, some family members involved, hang out jams, free and easy, good lyrics too, some spoken word stuff like Go Betweens or The Feelies.


MIlk Teddy formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2007 around the songwriting of Thomas Mendelovits, drafting in, gradually his brother Jonathan on drums, cousin Rachel on organ/synth/bass and close mates Bronwyn and Alexis on lead guitar and keyboard/bass respectively.

Milk Teddy come off like the classic underground pop progeny of The Chills, Feelies, with attention to detail in the arrangements and lyrics: no two songs tread the same water.

Following a well-received 7" and a couple of cassettes, Milk Teddy release their debut LP 'Zingers' in November 2012.


Night Worker

Written By: Milk Teddy

There's stigma sure; the freaks, the geeks and at the 24-hour store, the whores. The shy straight types who might come up to me and say: "have the sponges shrunk? The people who shop at this time of the night, hey?". I'd say: "no way, that's why I work here and no one knows how long. That's why I'm a night worker".


Zingers LP (2012, Lost & Lonesome/Knock Yr Socks Off)
Milk Teddy/Saturday Looks Good to Me Split Live Cassette (2012, Knock Yr Socks Off)
Going to Sri Lanka 7" (2010, Knock Yr Socks Off)
Extra Texture Cassette (2009, Totem Tapes)