Emilie Hanak (i.e. Milkymee) - a whimsical French chanteuse who escaped to Sweden to craft folk-based songs - each of which emanates from dolce vita, caprice, yet melancholy.


MILKYMEE : Emilie Hanak is the songwriting thang behind Milkymee, an ever-evolving French musician who found her refuge on a small island off the coast of Sweden. In 2006 Milkymee put out the excellent debut album "Songs for Herr Nicke" (on Tsunami Addiction, japanese license Fiveman Army). The record is charecterised by playfull melodies and arrangements - voluptuous yet ethereal, while her voice combines intimacy with some raw, chalky confidence.

Winter 2009. After many years in the wildness writing good songs.

What’s new? : Milkymee has written the sountrack of a long feature-film, "Domaine" by Patric Chiha, starring Béatrice Dalle as the main character. Her second opus , "To all the Ladies in the Place, With Style and Grace" named after the Notorious B.I.G track, is an EP dedicated to : Her mum, the wild american poet and genius Valerie Solanas, the girl next door, her once lost childhood friend Nathalie Brown, her girlfriend, Lilo the coolio, former real & imaginary loves, women running with the wolves, Mafalda, Karen Dalton, and to many other women on this planet.


2006: "Songs for Herr Nicke (T-A France, Fiveman Army Japan, distrib. Discograph)

2010 (January): "To all the ladies in the place with style and grace"(T-A France, distrib. Discograph)

Original soundtrack "Domaine" (long feature film by P.Chiha starring Béatrice Dalle as the main character)

Set List

1. All skies stained white
2. Not so bad
3. Sally
4. In a rented room
5. Manpower
6. Powergrudge
7. Sleazy bar
8. Everyday routine
9. The girl next door
10 Koenji monkey
11. Nathalie Brown
12. Screwdriver
13. Everybody knows (L. Cohen cover)
14. Make way for the mittens