Milkymee dives us into her gracefully melancholic musing, with multiple electronic tones often mixed with rage and smoothness, using sounds of her everyday life. She tries to exceed the various visible or invisible borders. A singular voice, always suave, delivers us a portrait of a firmly contemporary, elegiac and audacious woman.


MILKYMEE is Emilie Hanak, a French female indie-folk-rock artist.


Milkymee has already released two albums (Songs For Herr Nicke, 2006, inspired by her Swedish experience and To All the Ladies in the Place with Style & Grace, 2010, an ode to all the women in her life) and the original soundtrack of the film Domaine by Patric Chiha with BĂ©atrice Dalle (Betty Blue), reviewed by John Waters as the best film of 2010.

Her third LP, Borders, will be released in Spring 2012.