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Hip Hop/Funk/Rock that is made to keep you partying.


The band Milky Soul was formed in late 2004 by Joe Ward and Mario D. Later, they joined up with DJ Benny Ill and that is now the killer line up that is Milky Soul. Joe Ward and Mario D met in 2001 when Joe Ward moved from Austin, Tx. to Los Angeles to pursue a music career. After a long struggle looking for the right person to team up with to back him for his unique brand of country punk rock rap Joe Ward had Mario D join him live on stage. The mixture was so electric and the crowd was so blown away the two decided that this was the perfect fit for both of them. They played live shows performing Joe Ward signature hits like Lonestar, Stretch Them Strings, and Same Old Sh#t. They have played at clubs like The Roxy, The Viper Room, On the Rox, and the Dragonfly. They have also had hugely successful blowout shows as such LA rock and roll staples as Boardners. Milky Soul music is infectious and crosses all genre boundaries making all types of music lover shake their butts and rock their heads to the beat. They just finished recording the Hip Hop album "TEN DAYS IN TEXAS" in Dallas with ex Brutal Juice front man Gordo Buzz Gibson. The album is an amazing collection of booty shakin classic Hip Hop and Rap mixed with live instrumentation and Joe Ward rapid fire machine gun rhyming. Mario D comes alive as well with his signature Cuban style. These guys know how to rock and add a live hard rock band to their shows from time to time to really mix it up and drive audiences wild. They are by far one of the most exciting acts out there and they are hard at work making themselves the best there is.

The group known as Milky Soul has a sound all its own. Don't take it for granted when the term "hip hop" is stated as their genre, because you can't categorize their sound. What they do is a mixture of hip hop with a funky sound, a cup of rock a tinge of punk crossed over into some country, blended with rock en espanol, smoothed out to form dat thang called Milky Soul that will make you shake dat ass (you wont be able to put it down). So when you get a chance, listen, and see in person Joe Ward, Mario D and DJ Benny Ill. They can rock with only turntables, or with any band in any genre. Live the experience. We all need a little Milky in our life.

Joe Ward was born in Manila in the Phillippines. He was raised in central west Texas in the town of Abilene. His father was a guitar pickin' Texan and his mother an Irish immigrant that grew up playing piano with greats like Nat King Cole while traveling Europe with her father's big swing band. Joe Ward had his first band at the tender age of thirteen, a punk rock trio named Clairveua Casualties. Very quickly he discovered Hip Hop and realized that he had real talent at writing rhymes. He quickly formed a Hip Hop/Punk Rock band named Hypenosis. When Joe Ward was around 19 he was front man for yet another group called Big Daddy Junior and the Spook which was a Rock, Punk, and Hip Hop mixture. Joe Ward has an original style due to his mixture of old school Hip Hop, Punk Rock, and Rock and Roll all rolled into one. For a few years he lived in Austin, Texas while attending The University of Texas. While there Joe Ward was involved with many different projects including The Bomb, OUCH, and Cracker Barrell. The current and most exciting project is Joe Wards’ Los Angeles based group Milky Soul which has been tearing up the clubs for the past year and a half. With Joe Ward, Mario D, and DJ Benny Ill backed up by some of the best hard rockin musicians in the business, this group is set to blow the doors off of any venue they play.

Mario D was born and raised in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles, Ca. Mario D has been involved in many different styles of music, his main influence being Cuban music which he grew up with because both of his parents were Cuban immigrants. Mario D’s salsa rhythm can be felt throughout his Spanish verses that are both fun and enticing to the ear. Mario D has been involved in everything from old school breakin crews with the homies in his neighborhood, to beat boxing and rhyming crews that would blow up house parties back in the day. Mario D is now working with Joe Ward in Milky Soul and the mix of the two is perfect. Mario has Cuban style and flair all his own, and set against the angst ridden country attitude of Joe Ward it goes together like sweet and sour. On stage Mario D is a force to be reckoned with. Having done photo shoots with stars like Pamela Anderson and photographer Dave La Chapelle, Mario D is no stranger to the lime light.

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Set List

Various sets - Enough material for anywhere from a 45 - 90 min set.