Milky Whites and the Bluesmen
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Milky Whites and the Bluesmen

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | INDIE | AFM

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Blues Alternative




"Milky Whites and the Bluesmen (artists) One Direction (Album)"

"Milky Whites and the Bluesman are everything you would expect from a rhythm and blues band. Even though they are a group, the lead singer “Milky Whites” steals the show with a raspy, bluesy voice that could only belong to a true blues singer. The songs on this album are nothing short of perfection, with their soulful lyrics, cool rhythms, and calm blues. They have a perfect combination of all of the elements necessary for a successful rhythm and blues album: heartfelt lyrics, skillful use of the guitar and drums, and the musicality to not allow one element of a song overpower the other. These artists are the real-deal! If you enjoy artists such as Ray Charles or Otis Redding, you are sure to dig the funky tunes of Milky Whites and the Bluesman."

#2- “Can’t Get By”
"The guitar solo at the beginning sets the mood of perfectly for one of the first songs off the album. Milky Whites’ raspy voice and soulful lyrics introduce us not only to this group’s musical abilities, but lyrical qualities as well. The electric guitar and the bass guitar make a perfect pair on this track, complementing each other through the entirety of the song. The drums that come in once the chorus starts make this song even better, adding more rhythm and blues to the tempo. The addition of the piano at certain points throughout the song truly makes it a great musical piece. The gradual intensity of the instruments leads us to the end of the song, and then they change speed and mellow to a great ending."

#5-“Feelin’ Like a ‘Shroom”-
"The track starts off in a mellow manner, in a fashion that represents the core and definition of true rhythm and blues music. The song holds a nice melody, as we once again hear Milky Whites’ soulful and heartfelt delivery of traditional blues lyrics. The arrangement is flawless."

#6-“The High-Na-Kin Maneuver”-
"The introduction of the song begins with cool drumbeats, which set the tone for the entire track. The tone is upbeat, with less blues and more rhythm than the other tracks, making it the most upbeat song on the album. The use of the guitar in this song is on point, with the background vocals adding tremendously to the lead singer’s old-fashioned rhythm and blues vocal qualities."

Andrea Flores - Bryan Farrish Radio Promotions
Santa Monica, CA
- Reviewed by Andrea Flores of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotions

"Milky Whites & the Bluesmen - One Direction"

It stands to reason that a country the size of Canada would have plenty of blues musicians. In recent years listeners have grown to appreciate the abilities of northern neighbors like Colin Linden, Paul Reddick, Steve Dawson as well as bands like the Twisters and Monkey Junk. Milky Whites – is making a bid for some attention of his
Whites is a life-long musician born in Toronto and still based in Ontario province. He has played and toured with a variety bands in a wide-range of styles. For his first release, Whites decided to focus on a batch of original “progressive blues” tunes. He is the lead singer, handles all of the guitar and bass guitar parts plus served as the producer and engineer for the project. The band includes Mark Rockworthy on drums & percussion, Steve Koven on keyboards, Brent Rowan on saxophone and Court McIntosh provides vocal support.
The piercing runs from Whites guitar punctuate the urgency in the vocal. Koven turns in a fine solo on his electronic keyboard. “It’s Too Soon for Ya Momma” is a brooding examination of the emotions surrounding the death of Whites’ mother. Whites describes the torment of a fading love affair on “Can’t Get By”. The song builds steadily to a musical maelstrom, then settles into a lighter feel with Rowan’s sax and Koven’s piano providing a nice contrast to Whites harsh guitar tone. “Don’t Take My Baby” finds Whites pleading with his lost lover for the right to see their child. His impassioned, raspy vocal is the work of someone who has dealt with that reality.
The mood loosens up considerably on “The High-Na-Kin Maneuver”, which celebrates bars, alcohol and good times. “Milky Whites” is rock rave-up that presents women as sex objects. The opening cut. “Don’t call Yourself a Friend” is an energetic rocker that features some wicked slide guitar licks from Whites. The instrumental title track closes things out with Rowan distinguishing himself on sax .
This is a solid effort from Whites and his friends. - Blues Blast Magazine -

"Midnight Special Blues Radio (Jun-Sep '10)"

"Thank you! Putting the tune on the program. All the best!"

Paul - Midnight Special Blues Radio

Based in Paris, France, and broadcasting worldwide from the U.S. ( and the U.K. (ShoutCast), Midnight Special Blues Radio was founded on January 16, 2004.
Today, the station has a monthly listenership of over 6,000 hours in nearly 120 countries. Mostly listened to in: the United States (over 65%), Canada, France, Germany, U.K., Australia, and Italy. - Midnight Special Blues Radio

"Milky Whites and the Bluesmen - One Direction"

Milky Whites and the Bluesmen
One Direction

"Milky Whites describes the album as a honest reflection of his emotional journey through life’s journey which includes friendship, parenthood, greed, partying, and sex amongst other themes explored on One Direction."

"The title song "One Direction" is a jamming instrumental piece that features a barrage of elements ranging from a screaming saxaphone to a drum kit and electric guitars. Elsewhere “Don’t Call Yourself A Friend” is a throwback to Clapton with a wailing guitar and Milky’s throaty vocals. Likewise, “Milky Whites” and “Can't Get By” succeed in that mode of production."

"Overall the album is a mix of soul filled tracks and blues influenced pieces."
"...has an overall appeal which should gain fans who enjoy the likes of Eric Clapton and B.B. King."

"Key Tracks: Feelin' Like a 'Shroom, Milky Whites Don’t Call Yourself A Friend"

Rukshan Thenuwara – Senior Staff -

"Milky Whites and the Bluesmen - Give Me Your Love"

Milky Whites and the Bluesmen
Give Me Your Love

"Milky Whites is a prolific Canadian Blues artist who, after working in the industry for years has released his debut Album One Direction and his single Give Me Your Love in June of 2010."

"The artist describes the single as outside his normal style of music as he wanted to express his love for his wife on their wedding day. The musician performed the song outside a century old building in the countryside, within the gardens on the property during their wedding ceremony in the summer of 2009."

"...The artist hopes that others could enjoy this song on their own wedding ceremony or first dance with this song. Likewise, he also believes that the track could be placed on the soundtrack for suitable film and television productions."

"The song is delicate and freewheeling like something off the Eagles’ catalogue with plenty of guitar and piano elements. The lyrics are obviously personal and touching with rising harmonies and backing vocals. Milky Whites’ vocals are soft and filled with soul fueled rock that guide the song to completion. Overall, a gentle track that serves both a personal and musical purpose."

Rukshan Thenuwara – Senior Staff



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Vocal tone 7
Vocal melody 7
Vocal hook 7
Vocal story 7
Music tone 8
Music melody 8
Music hook 7
Passion/Soulful 7-8
Uniqueness 6
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"Texas Drivin Blues"

After the album "One Direction" band has evolved in absolutely every sense. Progradation is obvious in terms of presentation: the band is completely poised, well-coordinated and safe in every aspect of presentation forms and further expressed the unquestionable originality. All in all, the album "Texas Drivin 'Blues" with its impressive expressiveness and energy stands out from the many albums that I have had an opportunity to hear lately. All twelve songs are a real example of how to merge the best e elements of various musical styles into a powerful and expressive musical expression…. - Mladen Loncar

"Texas Drivin Blues"

If you have a hankerin’ for Texas style blues-rock with a macho testosterone attitude done up by a bunch of guys from Canada, you’ve come to the right place. Milky Whites and his “Bluesmen” serve up a heapin’ helpin’ of songs ’bout women, cars and guitars, something of their own version of Z.Z. Top, complete with babes posing on the cover and inserts. Milky handles the main guitar chores with the best of blues-guitar slingers…. - Blues Blast Magazine -Greg “Bluesdog” Szalony

"Texas Drivin Blues"

If you like to get in your car, start it, throw in a CD and drive while taking a "trip" musically then this is your music! Great guitar feel derived from the styles of Stevie Ray Vaughan / ZZ Top and spiced up with some sexy Blues in the likes of Eric Clapton…. songs deal with the reality of life and dying and the silliness of "getting down" to kick ass beats. This is an album of interesting varieties of music to keep you entertained as you cruise the highway.
- 2016 - CD Universe


Milky Whites and the Bluesmen - One Direction (released 2010)
Milky Whites and the Bluesmen - Give Me Your Love (released 2010)
Milky Whites and the Bluesmen - Best Friend's Gone Away (released 2013)
Milky Whites and the Bluesmen - Texas Drivin' Blues (RELEASED JUNE 24, 2016!)



Milky Whites and the Bluesmen’s Debut CD (entitled One Direction) and single (entitled Give Me Your Love) were released internationally at Hugh’s Room (Toronto) in June, 2010.

Milky released another single/video (entitled Best Friend’s Gone Away) in 2013 and a CD (entitled Texas Drivin’ Blues) in 2016.

In 2008 he knew it was time to hit the studio and put my thoughts and experiences into his style of “progressive” Blues. His influences (to name a few) Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Robert Johnson, Randy Bachman, Jeff Healey and David Gilmour.”

Milky has “munitions” of performers to suit each venue and adapts each performance from a raw 4 piece to an orchestration of players.

During the early ’80’s, Milky worked and travelled western Canada for 4 years, playing gigs with various musicians throughout Calgary, the BC interior and Vancouver. He then returned to Toronto, became a recording artist and played live with various “cover bands” over 20 years at such venues as the Diamond Club, Montreal Bistro, Downtown Browns, Down Under, Centre Island, The Place and Molly Blooms.

Milky continues to record in Hamilton, Ontario with a variety of musicians. He also engineers, produces, publishes and provides a mobile recording service through the label Riff Productions.

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