millapede projects

millapede projects


millapede projects makes music across a multitude of genres for media applications. The main styles are instrumental hip-hop, alternative pop/rock and modern orchestral soundscapes.


millapede projects is a multimedia production studio. The music catalogue is composed and performed by accomplished musician and performer Jason Millar. Jason's compositions can be heard on numerous short films, film trailers, animations, websites and multimedia presentations. His ability to convey mood and atmosphere in a provocative, contemporary style style has been described as 'unique', 'inventive', 'textured' and 'modern'. Jason creates these soundscapes using skillfully crafted grooves, lush synths and layers of atmospheric guitar and piano.

Jason has over 10 years experience as a songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist and producer. His music has gained national airplay and cd's have been featured on commercial and public radio.