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Millennial Reign

Arlington, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | MAJOR

Arlington, Texas, United States | MAJOR
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Metal Progressive


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"Millennial Reign Signs With Ulterium Records"

ASKA Bassist’s MILLENNIAL REIGN Signs With Ulterium Records; Carry The Fire Album Details, Video TrailerUlterium Records announce the signing of the US heavy metal band Millennial Reign to the label. Their new album, Carry The Fire, will be released on October 30th in Europe and North America on CD, LP and digital. The vinyl edition of Carry The Fire is strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide.

Millennial Reign was formed as a solo album project by Aska bassist Dave Harvey, and the self-titled debut album was released independently in 2012. After new members joined Millennial Reign the decision was made to make Millennial Reign a full band, rather than just a recording project.

Carry The Fire was mixed and mastered at Nomad Studio (King Diamond, Solitude Aeternus, Absu) and the artwork was created by Felipe Machado Franco (Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Theocracy).

Carry The Fire tracklisting:

“Forever Changed”
“Way Up High”
“Millennial Reign”
“Men Stand Alone”
“Save Me”
“This Day”
“Will You”
“Innocent Cry”
“Not On My Own”
“I'll Try” - Bravewords

"Millennial Reign"

Although not a household name, Texas prog/power metal band Millennial Reign is the perfect band for fans of Iron Maiden, Queensrÿche, Judas Priest and Crimson Glory. On Its sophomore full-length release, Carry The Fire, it’s an exercise in what a talented modern metal band can create these days with old school influences greatly on display, yet executed with a flair all of their own. Millennial Reign is a band who aren’t afraid to wear their influences on its sleeve, and it’s a heck of a sleeve, too. Their influences are so diverse and varied that the mixture is a splendid blend of varying genres of metal on its ten flavorful tracks.

Millennial Reign’s Queensrÿche influences shine through immediately on opener “Forever Changed,” especially when James Guest’s vocals kick in, which are very Geoff Tate-like. The track also possesses some galloping, harmonized Maiden-ish guitar harmonies. “Way Up High” is also a vibrant blend of Queensrÿche and Maiden flavors decorated with soaring vocal harmonies on the uplifting chorus. Although there are many Christian lyrical themes throughout the album, especially on “Men Stand Alone,” “Save Me” and “Forever Changed,” I wouldn’t consider them a Christian metal band. With a huge production, stunning artwork created by Felipe Machado Franco (Blind Guardian, Rhapsody Of Fire, Theocracy) and splendid songwriting, make Carry The Fire a strong release. - Bravewords

"Millennial Reign - Carry The fire"

Full on melodic power metal can be a tricky genre as expectations around production, vocals, and guitar typically run extremely high and if not perfect many will not be impressed. Millenvial Reign reenter the fray with their second album Carry the Fire.

Dallas, Texas, home of Millennial Reign, is more often associated in metal probably with Pantera and their brand of southern groove metal than with power metal that is often associated with Europe { I do know that Pantera’s home was not Dallas but they were close enough in Texas for that comparison). The band itself started as a solo project by Dave Harvey who recruited some other members and recorded their debut self-titled album in 2012. When time came for the second album, the original band members were not available, so Dave recruited some new players through a variety of means, even finding vocalist James Guest (Eden’s Realm) through an online ad. Mixing and mastering for Carry the Fire was done at Nomad Studio by JT Longoria and Gary Long and the band signed to Ulterium Records for the release.

From the very beginning of the music on “Forever Changed”, the experienced power metal listener will immediately pick up a Queensrÿche Empire –era vibe and then when the vocals come in, one could likely pass this off as Geoff Tate and a new Queensrÿche song, right down to the vocal inflections and guitar fills. The songs has an interesting drum rhythm that adds a good level of interest. Production is spot on for this style but the vocals may be a bit too much in the front at least for my liking. As expected, guitars are prominent as well and there are some good solo spots and fills in the songs that are so important in this style. If anything, the songs end up being a bit on the longer side, with most being over five minutes, which in this day and age might actually earn the prog label from some.

In general, the songs are strong and the musicianship is good, but some of the songs tend to blend into each other. For instance, some of the riffs in the opening of “Way Up High” and “Men Stand Alone” and in “Will You” and “I’ll Try” sound very similar and there is a bit of general feeling that you’ve heard this all before. Lyrically, the band is very unapologetically Christian in their subject matter and focus and that will undoubtedly group them with bands like Stryper, who incidentally could be another band they remind you of. Songs like “Save Me” and “Innocent Cry” with their keyboard openings and “Will You” with its keyboard presence throughout the verse sections do provide some variety to the overall sound on the album.

Millennial Reign have put an impressive album from a sonic standpoint and especially considering this is essentially the first album for a band that underwent a nearly complete lineup change. I would almost consider this a debut album and as such, a very impressive one. If you’re looking for strong musicianship and vocals in a new power metal band, you will want to give Carry the Fire a listen.

Rating: 7/10

Written by John Jackson

“Carry The Fire” track listing
01. Forever Changed
02. Way Up High
03. Millennial Reign
04. Men Stand Alone
05. Save Me
06. This Day
07. Will You
08. Innocent Cry
09. Not On My Own
10. I’ll Try

Band Members:
James Guest – Lead Vocals
Dave Harvey – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jason Donnelly – Guitars
Daniel Almagro – Bass
Wayne Stokley – Drums

Record Label: Ulterium Records, Oct. 2015 - Metal Recource

"Millennial Reign Album Review"

Originating as a solo project for Aska bassist Dave Harvey in 2010, over the course of five years Millennial Reign has morphed into a full-fledged band, as Carry the Fire is the second record and first with Swedish melodic power/progressive metal upstart Ulterium Records. Whereas Dave juggled multiple instrument/writing roles for the self-titled 2012 debut, the band is now a quintet – including a new vocalist in James Guest as well as drummer Wayne Stokley, bassist Daniel Almagro, and guitarist Jason Donnelly.

This Texas unit live for a melodic power metal sound that originates from a late 80’s framework domestically, containing a hefty amount of air simulation moments in the axe and drumming departments. It would be fair to say after taking in the mid-tempo double bass churning “Way Up High” and clean to steady chord/riff combinations within “This Day” that Millennial Reign champion artists like Crimson Glory and Queensrÿche (EP to first three albums) as solid influences. Subtle use of keyboards in numbers like the exotic-tinged “Innocent Cry” and “Save Me” never deters from the Harvey/Donnelly twin guitar harmonies and thick power chords the duo strike up, complementing each other brilliantly and giving individual space and opportunity for shining.

James Guest is Millennial Reign’s ace in a stacked deck of professional players. Careful to use all facets of his multi-octave range, the man can replicate almost a best of Roy Khan, Midnight, and Geoff Tate. Clear in enunciation he strides confidently in the rarified upper bird call echelon right out of the gates during the verses of “Forever Changed” or the more conventional/commercial anthem “Not On My Own” where his playfulness during the bridge gives him more of a personal edge. Add in their positive/Christian oriented lyrical outlook (not overtly Stryper, more like Believer/Barren Cross) and lively tones/production values and you have a solid product that should gain the band proper attention.

Now that Queensrÿche is back onto their established path, maybe a resurgence of US melodic power metal can take off. If so, put Carry the Fire at the front of the line. - Dead Rhetoric


Millennial Reign - self produced four song demo.

Debut CD to be released summer of 2011 with Tate Music Group Christian record label.




Millennial Reign was formed as a solo CD project by ASKA Bassist, Dave Harvey. Writing for the album began in 2010 as Dave searched for the right vocalist and drummer. Bryan Diffee who had worked with Dave in a prior band a few years earlier was recruited to play drums. Once a solid drummer was secured, Trae Doss came on board to write and record vocals. All guitar, bass and key tracks for Millennial Reign's debut self titled album were written and recorded by Dave Harvey. The album was recorded at The Recovery Room Studio with engineer Ty Sims and released indepedently in 2012.

A year or so passed and Dave decided to start writing material for the second album. Trae and Bryan weren't available to work on the sophomore album so Dave began searching for a vocalist as music writing continued. James Guest of the muliple album project Eden's Realm replied to an online ad and it was soon obvious that he was definitely the right guy for the job.

As writing between both Dave and James began, Wayne Stokely who had worked with Dave in various projects was recruited to record drums. After some discussion as things progressed, the decision was made to make Millennial Reign a full band, rather than just a recording project.

Several bass players were auditioned and Daniel Almagro, who works with Wayne in their powermetal band Infidel Rising was chosen. Once Daniel was on board, full band rehearsals began as they continued the search for the right second guitarist.

Months of rehearsals went by with several spuradic guitarist auditions, and the final member Jason Donnelly was chosen as second guitarist. Wayne, Daniel and Jason were all a perfect fit and things began moving forward at a great pace.

Once recording was finished, mix and mastering took place at Nomad Studio with engineers JT Longoria and Gary Long. A deal was made with Swedish label Ulterium Records for an October 30th release in both Europe and North America for the new album Carry The Fire.

Any fan of Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Judas Priest and Crimson Glory will not be dissappointed with this new album. Millennial Reign should be in any collection of melodic or traditional powermetal.