Millennium Child

Millennium Child



Members: Maurice Turull, Corey McIntyre, David"DangerLegs"Smith, Sean Kelley

"We want our music to echo through time" says the band. Originally pieced together by former members of the bands Oh Pilot (Maurice Turull(guitar,piano) and (Sean Kelley(Bass). After their prior bands demise the guitarist (Maurice Turull) wanted to continue music but in a different direction. Not until later, through a mutual friend, did he meet up with Drummer and Percussionist Corey McIntyre (formerly of Miss Mercy) who also felt the need to go in a brand new direction. As time went on they eventually recruited former Oh Pilot bassist Sean Kelley. After a facebook post, a close friend of Maurice Turull's named David Smith responded asking if the guitarist position had been filled.After months of writing and demoing. After discussion about the direction of the band they decided to work on their first E.P. They are currently demoing for their first ever release so simply named "The Chalk E.P"


Single "Where we stand" 2013 self release to Reverbnation and Facebook.

E.P "Chalk" Fall 2013 Self Release

Set List


Where We Stand (live version)
Liquid Audio
Ladder Business never meant nothin to the vagabonds
Penguin and the Lantern
Revo, Revo Revolution
Southern Discomfort
Back Alley Romance
Trashy is famous