Millennium Children

Millennium Children


Post-hardcore, Experimental Rock. The result of The Mars Volta and Underoath having sex, while The Fall of Troy is filming it, and The Receiving End of Sirens are having a cigarette.


Millennium Children, is a five piece post-hardcore group from New Jersey. Most of their free time is spent jumping out windows with all the rules, and landing on something new in their gravitational travels.

"We write our music together, play it with the love it evoked from us the first time we created it, and will continue to do so until the day we spontaneously combust."

We are highly influenced by the receiving end of sirens, mew, portugal. the man, and at the drive-in.


First release: Refract (EP) [7 tracks]
1.) Stories in Shades (Single)
2.) Company
3.) Sapience
4.) Cross Lines
5.) In The Mix
6.) Jersey Drift
7.) And?

Music Video Available:

Our EP is available on Itunes, Amazon, audiolunchbox, etc etc.

We've had radio play locally at Montclair University, Ramapo University, NJIT, and more.

Set List

When we perform live we choose from a repertoire of 10 songs at random, we work better under pressure and in unexplored musical territory. While we still stay true to our recorded songs, we usually modify our songs prior to each show in order to keep people on their toes, always.

We have the ability to play a 45 minute set but we normally keep our set short and sweet at around 20-30 minutes, unless asked for specific set time to be fulfilled.