Miller Howell

Miller Howell


Singer-songwriter. Somber, angry lullabyes. Powerful vocals.


"How can you take my breath from me without saying a word?"

Who, exactly, is Miller Howell? Miller Howell's no stranger to the singer-songwriter world of coffeehouses: acoustic guitars competing with schoolbooks and sorority sisters for the crowds attention. Hes also known the other side of the fence: that rock n roll grit of seedy bars and dark clubs. In a previous life, Miller was the frontman for indie rock quartet Cheating Kay, a band that formed while he was in college and lasted into early adulthood. Through two full-length albums, an EP, and too many Midwest miles to count, Miller found himself growing both as a person and songwriter.

"The people in that band taught me how to be a musician," he says. "How to sing, how to manage the business side of things, how to expand the boundaries of your own creativity."

Now, an older, wiser Miller has reemerged with Habits Can Be Hard to Break: six songs about traveling through life, getting from point A to point B, and experiencing all moments in between. "Tomorrow Comes" begins the disc with a somber look forward and an inventory of past essentials: "Had a good job, had a good life, had a good love, had a good cry." An angrily strummed "Missing You" raises the tempo, Millers strong voice soaring over the heavy frets to ask disbelievingly, "Oh girl, did you just say the words?" "Im Here" is equal parts lullaby and love song, an ode to a fallen friend, while "Kirksville" allows the listener a heart-wrenching view of a breakup.

Moving storytelling: its what has already endeared Habits to his fans, new and old. The initial response easily fits into his definition of success. "I just released an EP that my fans, friends and family are really happy with," he says. "And I really see myself as already having made it."

Not that Miller doesnt want you to pick up the CD and make it a part of your life; he does.

"I'd love other people to be along for the ride," he says.

Shotgun, anyone?


Tomorrow Comes

Written By: Miller Howell

Had a good job
Had a good life
Had a good love
Had a good cry
Told a good joke
It was good enough for you
Inside a good lie
But nothing quite untrue
Tomorrow comes with or without
Your pain and doubt
Your screams and shouts
Your hidden prayers
Your locked-in, hidden fares
Your pretty dresses
Falling softly
Finding sober
All of these things
I haven't told her
Watch me fly now
Into fire
Into flame
And hold you tightly
Had a good fire
Inside a good heart
Inside a good soul
Who are we kidding?
It was a good try
It was a good one
It may have ended up in dust
But it was a good run

Missing You

Written By: Miller Howell

There were eyes on fire
And tongues bent on intent
Still inflamed from the last time I went
And her hair and her breath
Just couldn't escape this beautiful mess
And sometimes, it makes me wish I'd left
But I know I'd be missing you
If I left you like I told myself I would long ago
But there are times when like a mirror in my mind
In the reflection I can see the stones we've thrown
Opportunities were gone when you stepped off that concrete porch
I know I need someone to call my own
Demons lingered under streetlights
Hazy in the summer wind
And mocked me, knowing you were gone
Oh, girl, did you just say the words?
You said what I was thinking

I'm Here

Written By: Miller Howell

Pain is put away tonight
Tourniquet astray
I'm here
Flesh is put to flame today
Breaking the Golden Rule
I'm here
She wants confidence
She wants liberty
And I know that
Step outside yourself for a while
And dream a dream for me
She looks about herself for a light
And steps a dream for me
But she's given herself away
Won't you walk a while?
And won't you look my way?


EP: Habits Can Be Hard To Break, 2006

Set List

Stones We've Thrown
Somewhere to Run
Don't Fade
I Need You
I'm Here
Hard to Put You Down
Drown Me
Tomorrow Comes
Never Knew the Words
Covers: Springsteen, U2, Radiohead, Arlo Guthrie, Dylan, current hits