MILLHILL is a 4 piece Rock n Roll band. Funky drums beats, Catchy rifs, smooth vocals, and big hooks insure that MILLHILL delivers a classic but fresh sound. MILLHILL can best be described as a mix of Van Halan, Nickleback, Creed, KISS.


MILLHILL is a four-piece Rock/Alternative group. Originating from the small town of Hartwell GA, ninety minutes north of Atlanta GA, MILLHILL’s name derives from a part of Hartwell where Hartwell Mills, an cotton mill, once thrived.

MILLHILL’s first full-length album, “Stand Alone� is currently in the making. “Stand Alone is being recorded and produced at Lee Davis Studios. Lee Davis has worked with numerous bands and well-known artist over his 25 years in the music business. “Stand Alone� has preceded two low budget EP’s, The first EP, “Last Year Built�, was released in 2005 independently and allowed MILLHILL the ability to get their name out, and gain listeners in the southeast GA area. The second EP, �Ride It Out�, gave listeners a more raw, powerful sound when being compared to their previous album “Last Year Built�, and was released in the later part of 2005 with rave reviews by fans as well as other musicians. “Ride It Out just simply rocks!� (John Atkinson: Studio 51). MILLHILL has been steadily playing shows around the Atlanta/Athens GA area as well as the Anderson SC area. Upon the completion of MILLHILL’s full-length album “Stand Alone� MILLHILL will continue to play to promote the album seeking management opportunities and the ability to branch out to neighboring states.
The name MILLHILL comes from the part of town were Phil and Cain grew up. The “MILL-HILL� was the area of the small town, Hartwell GA, were Hartwell Mills once thrived. The MILL-HILL is something every one can relate to. Even if there wasn’t a mill maybe it was some other icon.
MILLHILL founders and cousins are Lead Vocalists/Guitarist, Phil Duncan, and Drummer, Cain Harper. Bassist/Vocalist, Jim Vollrath and Lead guitarist/Vocalist Kyle McCrary join the two cousins. All four members of MILLHILL have previously played in various bands over the years together and apart. Every member started playing musical instruments at a very young age boosting 13 years experience individually. Since 2003 though the four have been dedicated to MILLHILL and continue surprise their fans. Having so much time and heart invested in music MILLHILL has vowed to become a national touring act gaining recognition one state at a time. The completion of “Stand Alone� will only bring MILLHILL one step closer to their goal.
“Stand Alone� will be MILLHILL’s first full-length album. MILLHILL will independently release “Stand Alone� and will continue to play to promote the album. With this album MILLHILL will be seeking management opportunities and the ability to branch out to neighboring states. “There is something about MILLHILL… These boys have what it takes!� (Lee Davis: Lee Davis Studios and Production).


Last Year Built - 2003
Ride it Out - 2005
Stand Alone - 2007

Set List

(Original Show)
Rockfest 78- MILLHILL
Hollywood hangover - MILLHILL
Ice o lated - MILLHILL
Fuck Yeah – MILLHILL
Stand Alone – MILLHILL
In Trouble - MILLHILL
Unharmed Girl – MILLHILL
All I Really Want – MILLHILL
Said and Done – MILLHILL
One in a millon- MILLHILL
Late Night Friend - MILLHILL
Ride it out –MILLHILL

(Cover Show)
SET LIST McAllen’s 6-16-2007

Tush – ZZ Top
Waiting on a bus/Jesus just left Chicago – ZZ Top
In Trouble – MILLHILL
American Band – Grand Funk Railroad
Dumas Walker
On the hunt – Lynard Skynard
Fast as You –
Coming Home – Lynard Skynard
Keep your hands to yourself
Needle and a Spoon - Lynard Skynard
Honeysuckle Blue
Fly me Courageous
15 min Break
Keep on Rockin me baby
Highway song
Train – Train
All I Really Want – MILLHILL
Unharmed Girl – MILLHILL
Said and Done – MILLHILL
Old Enough – Nickleback
Dead man walking- diamondback
Sharp Dressed