Millicent Friendly

Millicent Friendly


Millicent Friendly blends classic pop and alternative rock and have been compared to Weezer & Toad the Wet Sprocket. They mesh 3 part harmonies with driving guitars and a solid, punchy rhythmic core to create a sound that fills your ears and makes your head vibrate (in a good way).


Millicent Friendly's music is born of an intricate relationship between powerful songwriting, deeply affecting lyrics, and the skillful, innovative interplay of heavy and melodic musicianship. The band members, brought together as friends and collaborators over the years by their common interests in music, have emerged, newly formed, onto the Dallas music scene. As songwriters, their years of musical journeymanship have resulted in new songs that are steeped in precision and craft. Rich both in chord structure and melody, these songs hinge on everything from retro pop stylings to heavier rock, and often approach musical organization in manners and modes that have been all but forgotten in recent years. Millicent Friendly's songs burn with passionate innovations, with graceful stylistic overtones, and with a lyrical unwillingness to turn away from even the darkest concerns of the human heart.


Millicent Friendly - Downtime (Released October 12, 2005)

It's available at or through our website.

Set List

The typical set list is 11 songs @ 1 hour... Sometimes one cover song is added as an encore.

Songs we've played or play:
Timid Troubadour
Poison Ivy
No Good
Bete Noire
Empty Nest
Panic Attack
Before I Go
Happy Ever After
Waltz#2 (XO) - Elliott Smith
Solar Sister - The Posies
Same Thing - The Grays