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Some Do

Written By: Millie Glaser

I can't believe how much time I've wasted
Keeping my dreams on a shelf in my life
What did I think I was waiting for
Did I not see the time slipping by

Then fate reached her hand out
and gave me a choice
to stand by in silence
or find my true voice

She said remember the dreams
that inspired you then
they still live deep within you
Go chase them again
Don't wait til tomorrow
there's no guarantees it'll come
I know many dreams
never come true
but some do.

I didn't think there was use in trying
the odds were incredibly high
Now I realize not to try is dying
a little bit each day inside

Then fate picked the phone up
and gave me a call
said sit on the sidelines
or go for it all


If I wanna be an actor better find me a stage
If I wanna be an author gotta write my first page
All my reasons and excuses seem to multiply wth age

Then fate whispered softly
and gave me advice
said play your life safe
or take a roll of the dice


I know many dreams
never come true
but some do

Be Me

Written By: Millie Glaser

I'm waitin' for the day
when it never even passes by my way
I'm waitin' for the time
when it never even comes across my mind

I know I won't forget about it anytime soon
maybe not until my next life in my new mother's womb

So I will smile more and laugh alot
and I will change my mind or maybe not
and I will sing out loud
who cares if someone can hear me
I'm just gonna be me

I'm goin' thru my past
only keeping my finest memories
all the silly transgressions,
unspoken confessions,
I am tossin' to the seas
I know I won't forget them by the end of the day
but it doesn't really matter 'cuz I've thrown them away

I'm gonna dance around in my front yard
I'm gonna finally let down my guard
I'm gonna smile at that woman that I see
I'm just gonna be me

All my childhood humiliations
and all my foolish twenty something indescretions
all my daily nagging self-recriminations
I am leavin' them all behind

I'm gonna sail my life on a different course
I'm gonna take my cues right from the source
I'm gonna live my life without regreat or fear
I'm just gonna be me
Be me
Be me

Things Change

Written By: Millie Glaser

Janie lies awake with her eyes shut tight
Praying he believes that she's asleep
Too many bruises
and years of being used is
enough for anyone to take

Janie's hiding money
a dollar at a time
in between the pages of her bible
she knows he'll never look there
too busy drinking for prayer
she's waitin' for a chance to make a break

Sometimes life can change in a moment
Sometimes it happens over years
the only thing I'm sure of in this lifetime
is one way or another things change

Billie stumbles home just like every night
angry when he finds his wife asleep
he goes to watch the TV
JD keeps him company
to help him forget about the ache

He hears the TV preacher thru the whiskey haze
asking him to open up his heart
his eyes fall on her good book
he reaches out to take a closer look
breaks down when he finds her hiding place

[repeat chorus]

Janie and Billy were my parents
they died a year ago one week apart
married fifty years, Momma said
the 1st few full of tears
then Daddy had a healing in his heart

[repeat chorus]