Québec, Quebec, CAN
SoloEDMHip Hop

Solo electronic outfit based around a laptop, live drums and visuals.
Millimetrik's music is an innovative blend of styles in both rythms and melodies, taken influences in hip-hop, electronica, ambient and techno-trance. Deep basslines are here and the live drums part is the best kept secret!


Millimetrik is a solo electronic musician named Pascal Asselin. He recorded his first CD in 2003. Since that time he has released 5 additional CD’s
Millimetrik is proud to announce the release of his newest project titled “Read between the rhymes''. It is full of mystical intrigue which allows you to capture its very essence through remarkable use of electronic engineering. He leaves no stone unturned on this composition, allowing your senses to take over into a world unknown. It has a deep bass line which grounds the piece and plenty of mood sensation that just oozes into your ears and through your very being. This is Millimetrik. He is unique in every sense of the word. Provocative, innovative, creative, thinks out-of-the-box –a wonder.
Millimetrik chooses to bring his journeys through consciousness and beyond with the innate ability to transform what he senses through his music. It is so clearly understood by those who choose to listen – carefully. The journeys that he takes you on are exciting and scary at the same time. Nonetheless, be forewarned to strap yourselves in because you will be going for rides that will thrill you.
“Read between the rhymes''” is available in both physical and digital formats and can be purchased through many standard digital storefronts.
Millimetrik played at Mutek Festival, Brussels Electronic Music Festival and shared the stage with Ulrich Schnauss, Thomas Schumacher and Trentemoller just to name a few. 2 of his albums were nominated for Best Electronic album at Quebec Province’s Music Awards.
You can listen to and/or purchase any of his glorious compositions and/or entire CD’s by logging onto the following websites:


1.The last polar bear on earth-Statik rek-2006 cd

2.Northwest passage's new era-Make mine music/P572-2008 cd-lp

3.Keys_ep- Chat blanc records-2008

4.Mystique Drums-Make mine music/Sang D'Encre-2010 cd-lp

5.Around you ep-Kito Kat- 2011cd-mp3

6.Read between the rhymes-Abuzive Muzik-2012