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Million Dollar Fix

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
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Million Dollar Fix @ The Palomino Smokehouse

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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"Million Dollar Fix Emerging Artist" - CJ92

"MILLION DOLLAR FIX Announce Sophomore Album ‘Psychedelephant’"

MILLION DOLLAR FIX, raucous Canadian party-riffers who recently won the Calgary Beer Core award for Best Rock Band are self-releasing their sophomore album, the appropriately (and awesomely) titled Psychedelephant, March 11. It will be available in DD/CD formats and promises to even heavier, riffier and partier than their 2012 debut, Billygoat. - The Sleeping Shaman

"Million Dollar Fix Anounce New Album"

Million Dollar Fix, raucous Canadian party-riffers who recently won the Calgary Beer Core award for Best Rock Band are self-releasing their sophomore album, the appropriately (and awesomely) titled Psychedelephant, March 11.

It will be available in DD/CD formats and promises to even heavier, riffier and partier than their 2012 debut, Billygoat. Listen to Billy Goat at

In an era where stoner rock and doom metal are king, the band leans more toward the likes of Thin Lizzy than Black Sabbath and aligns themselves with more straight-up, no-fuss classic rock ‘n’ roll than any musical trend of the moment. No matter what, they aim to infiltrate any good times with their infectious, upbeat riffs. Armed with a new lead guitarist, Brad Weidlich, Logan Derby (guitar/vocals), Keegan Costella (bass/vocals) and Jeff Shibby Smith (drums) will go into the studio this winter and emerge on March 11 with a sophomore album, Psychedelephant, to blast away any cold-weather misery with riffs that drip with beer and a party-it-away attitude. That’s what rock ‘n’ roll was made for and that’s what Million Dollar Fix is here to do. - The Midlands Rocks

"2013 Best Rock Band – Million Dollar Fix"

The first time I saw Million Dollar Fix play was a few years ago (I think, I’m bad at time) at the Lord Nelson. They were playing a strange bill with bands from a variety of genres (if memory serves), and they looked to me like they’d be another typical metal band. Y’know, long hair, jean jackets, fans wearing band jackets… I’ve seen a lot of bands that had that vibe, and they often end up sounding like Black Label Society and boring the piss out of me. I was pleasantly surprised to find not being a bunch of BLS douchebags, but in fact putting on a very fun rock and roll show the likes of which I hadn’t seen in a long time.

I know rock and roll still happens, but so much of it is perverted by the desire to be radio icons and as a result looses the quality in it that makes it dangerous, compelling, and worthwhile. This was different. These were kids who just liked rock and roll, and (more importantly) had the chops to actually do it their own way. I was quite impressed with what I saw, and as I’ve gotten to see them more and know them better, I can only say that that impressed feeling has just grown.

In the ensuing time, they’ve become even better as a band, and I believe they have all the tools to get somewhere in the music biz. Their music is catchy and interesting and, in my opinion, unique. That’s not something I say about a lot of rock bands (although, to be fair, it is something I say about a lot of the rock bands we work with).

What I like best about them, though, is that they’re good people. Even a low-level promoter like me deals with band after band of ass kissing pricks. It’s transparent and obnoxious, and it makes it hard to promote a band when you don’t feel you can trust them. When I see the guys in this band at a show, they always come by to say hello in a genuine, not-ass-kissy way. And that just makes me love them all the more.

Go see ‘em. You’ll get it. - Meddling Kids

"Million Dollar Fix: Psychedelephant EP"

Million Dollar Fix could be the proverbial elephant in the room, pushing every other band off the stage at their chosen venue. This Calgary Canada band is a monster, delivering thick riffs, deep grooves, and crushing your brain and ears with elephant-sized sound.

Million Dollar Fix Psychedelephant Band Photo

Million Dollar Fix: having fun in the sun.

Psychedelephant, their second EP, is non-stop heavy rock n roll. Think heavy classic rock on a double shot of Jager and Red Bull. Yet while they're slamming away at your speakers, or earbuds, MDF still delivers melody and groove, things essential to rock n roll. I think there's some guitar solos here, in Hoptical Illusions and at the beginning of Kill The Banker. They're rather spirited and razor sharp. But guitarist Brad Weidlich better keep looking over his shoulder as the rhythm section may be looking to put the smackdown on his ass. Weidlich can be intense and assertive, but they're even more intense and assertive.

I'm thinking the next time the American military has force out another tyrant, they should play Psychedelephant in a continuous loop. He would be out in no time, actually running as fast as he can with his palms over his ears, and have the added benefit of having his balls crushed and brains turned to mush. No need for jail time, just send him to the loony bin. But I digress.

The dilemma moving forward is that with all the bombastic heavy rock slammage Psychedelephant is in danger of collapsing in upon itself. The weightiness may be simply too much to promote and sustain any musical progress. It's perhaps good that Million Dollar Fix does only a four song EP at a time as too much would end up being simply overkill. If you like your rock classic, but dangerously heavy and thumping this album is for you. - Dangerdog Music

"Million Dollar Fix – Psychedelephant"

Million Dollar Fix – Psychedelephant
Self released – 2014
Rock, Hard, Metal, Stoner
Rated: ****

They’re out there, on the road, raising hell and kickin arse! They’re out there giving everyone exactly what they need like the Million Dollar Fix that they are. Cause these Canadian freaks have delivered one king hell of a four-track EP called Psychedelephant. Yes, we are keeping it focused on the lumbering giants today after hearing the awesome psychedelic folk rock record Like Elephants 2 by The Movements. This is however an entirely different creature. This is the one that breaks off from the herd to party with the apes, hyenas and those insane pangolins. The fun one that has that devil may care attitude and just wants to live life to the fullest and preferably in the fast lane and on the road to get wasted. Diving head first into the pool of heavy hard rock and old school metal with tiny cues from stoner and splashing around a massive groove and then lumbering off again with a gigantic swagger and a thirst for adventure and that magical highly inspirational hangover. This Million Dollar Fix is highly addictive!

(Written by JK) - The Stoner Hive

"Million Dollar Fix premiere "Hoptical Illusions" from Psychedelephant"

An upbeat hook, multi-vocal chorus, weighted low-end groove and classically swaggering riff permeate the charge in Million Dollar Fix‘s “Hoptical Illusions.” Whether or not the Calgary, Alberta, four-piece were aware that Blue Point Brewing of Patchogue, New York, actually makes an IPA called “Hoptical Illusion” (the singular as opposed to the song’s plural), I don’t know, but if it’s a penchant for wordplay, it extends to the title of the band’s new EP, Psychedelephant, as well. The four-song self-release is due March 11, and follows Million Dollar Fix‘s 2012 full-length debut, Billygoat, with a buy-us-drinks-ready 22-minute set that takes riffy cues from classic metal and adds a shuffle born of ’70s heavy but given an edge and sense of freshness that can only come from a new generation’s interpretation.

Guitarist/vocalist Logan Derby and lead guitarist Brad Weidlich are front and center. The structure of “Hoptical Illusions” — and indeed its compatriot tracks, the driving “Never Fight Her Flow,” stompingly poppy “The Crow,” and brashly stoner-fuzzed “Kill the Banker” — is straightforward, and bassist/vocalist Keegan Costella and drummer Jeff Shibby Smith do well pushing through with hairpin turns between verses, choruses and sundry bridges and solo parts, the whole EP ending up with an unabashed accessibility and listener-friendly take. My gawd, is it actually possible they’re enjoying themselves? And inviting others to take part in that enjoyment? In some kind of ephemeral celebration of existence that, while acknowledges its fleeting nature, nonetheless emphasizes the preciousness of the moment in which it and we exist? Like a gig? With beer? And loud amps?

It’s once again snowing here in the wintry hellscape of the Northeastern US, so while such ideas as positivity, creative energy and sharing in meaningful experiences with others seem utterly foreign and and if I’m honest a little terrifying to my perception, the vigor in “Hoptical Illusions” serves to remind that, yes, these things exist, however old and out of place the notions might make me feel. Million Dollar Fix, whose hometown release show is set for March 14 at the Palomino Smokehouse in Calgary, prove themselves to be more than capable songwriters on Psychedelephant, and showcase the malleability of heavy rock to demonstrate more than just the usual round of blues-derived misanthropy. In short, they’ve come to party. They’d like to party with you.

Get a taste of “Hoptical Illusions” on the player below, and please enjoy.
- See more at: - The Obelisk

"Million Dollar Fix – Psychedelephant EP (Self-Release)"

Whoa, I didn’t smoke that…or wait, did I? Actually, I’m stone cold sober right now, but a quick listen to Canadian twin guitar burners Million Dollar Fix and their 4-track Psychedelephant EP sure did give me a psychotropic lift. This is bongwater rock for fans who have been to the edge with the best of the best; the Man’s Ruin roster, Fu Manchu, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, KISS, Kyuss, and Abdullah’s soaring 70s hard rock circa Graveyard Poetry were the first things that came to my heavily blow torched mind.

“Never Fight her Flow” blisters beneath a Sahara sun, a dune buggy wreckin’ punk rock rhythm laid down by the cow punchin’ snare overdrive of drummer Jeff Shibby Smith and the low-end jet streams provided by bassist Keegan Costella. Lead guitarist Brad Weidlich breaks off the beaten sand path adding melodic guitar extensions to the craggy riff mesas scaled by Logan Derby’s daredevil 2nd guitar. I’m not sure who’s the main microphone wrangler in this rodeo, but I’m assuming Logan holds command, and he’s got a great set of pipes with the ability to lasso massive hooks from the terrafirma and send them skyward. His voice is clear, clean, and projective; he reminds me of Jeff Shirilla (Abdullah), Scott Hill (the Fus, man), Ozzy, and Mike Patton’s work on Angel Dust. If your wheels ain’t outta rubber just yet, you better reinforce them for the twin Lizzy harmony guitars and sawtooth Sabbath/Man’s Ruin riffs that show up later on in the song.

The opening riff heard on “The Crow” could be a lost classic from the golden arena rock era. This is the kind of groove that stretches its legs out on the night clouded streets in a hopeful happy hunt for girls, brews, and good times. These riffs strut and swing with a 70s shuffle lightly informed by the blues, and the lead guitar zaps n’ shocks the senses with enough pyrotechnics to last a couple of July fourths. Smith emblazons the beats with liberal syncopation on the snare and tasteful fills n’ marches that parade his chops down the avenue. Those Lizzy harmonies are in full bloom and are all around glorious on this one (the 4 minute mark tells it all) with Derby and Weidlich more locked on than a set of deadbolts, while Costella’s deeply resonate lows are polite enough to leave the seat up for the ladies. “Hoptical Illusions” lets Keegan’s bass take center stage with a well-fermented blues lick that’s soon to be joined with militant percussion percolation and the dueling guitarists’ satisfying 70s rock riffs and sweltering leads. This is what The Sword SHOULD sound like, and the gang back-up vocals totally cull a bit of their vibe from KISS. Solos are also a prominent part of this cut and they sizzle instead of bake, guiding the song to a mutant dirge riff ending played in the key of Sabbath. Closer, “Kill the Banker” lets those guitar leads sing and hit their full range amongst a clatter of destructo blues and hard rock hardware. It’s a real standout with a memorable chorus, some of the meanest most metallic rhythms on the EP, and grooves that don’t just simply kill the banker but shut the whole bullshit financial system down for good. Sayonara suckers!

If old fashioned hard rock with knockout riffs, melodious vocals, and kinetic instrumental passages are what butters your loaf, then Million Dollar Fix are a band you need to check out. They’ve got an LP from 2012 that I’m going to have to go back and hear after being blown away by Psychedelephant. This is the rock they used to warn your children about, and I’m glad to report that it’s still alive and well in 2014!

Visit the Million Dollar Fix Bandcamp website at - Hellride Music

"Kill the Banker Acoustic" - Hazzardous Materials

"Interview with Erin @ Hazzardous Materials" - Hazzardous Materials

"Tipperary's show review"

Million Dollar Fix at Tipperary’s Pub – Show Review

Posted by jenny on May 16th, 2011

Walking into Tipperary’s Pub is like stepping into the belly of an old ship: dark, slightly claustrophobic, and surrounded by wood. On Saturday night, much of this wood was due in part to the burlesque dancers and lingerie-clad waitresses who were there in support of the Alberta Cancer Society’s Underwear Affair. With all proceeds going to a good cause, admission was well worth the $10 ticket. An equally good reason to drop in on this show was to see rocking local band Million Dollar Fix.

Hailing from Calgary, the energetic group performed the middle set of the night, the juicy meat of a delicious rock burger. These three – Logan on guitar and vocals, Keegan on bass and vocals, and Jeff on drums – jumped on stage in a fit of energy. Looking like they stepped out of the sweet denim- and bandana-wearing days of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, these guys looked and acted the part of true rockers.

They launched into their set with the explosive “Look Through Fire”. With heavy bass and loud drumming, the song was easy to follow and immediately got bodies moving. Fans of ‘90s grunge will love Million Dollar Fix’s sound – they sounded like early Nirvana with a modern edge, sometimes adding in a bit of punk, metal, and their own sexyfunrock sound.

Although there were a few minor glitches – some mic feedback after the third song and a small cord malfunction – the band’s energy and enthusiasm made up for it. The venue wasn’t great for a show of this size, but Million Dollar Fix gave a fun, energetic, and amazing performance that kept the place jumping. If anything, these guys love to perform and were born to be on stage. If you get the chance to see Million Dollar Fix live, do it! They are definitely a band worth checking out.
- Indie403

"Feature Artist of the Month- Million Dollar Fix"


When in the presence of Million Dollar Fix, a dull moment is hard to come by. Rocking out on tables at their own shows, jamming on church roof tops, and launching jugs of juice with golf clubs are all in a days work for this incredibly talented band. There’s no doubt that with all their eccentric personality and energy, Million Dollar Fix has a unique sound and performance that sets them apart from everyone else and keeps the audiences on their toes! With multiple performances coming up in November and their sights set on their first album, these four are well on their way to success.

The Band, Influences, and Style

Million Dollar Fix consists of Logan Derby (Vocals and guitar), Keegan Costella (Vocals and Bass), Jeff Shibby (Drums), and Turner Midzain (Guitar) and even though their goofy family photos hanging in their living room make them seem like a tight nit family already, it’s only recently that that they have all come together to create their current sound. All the members have always been involved in playing live music throughout their lives. In high school, Keegan and Logan became especially close while living together and decided to create Million Dollar Fix. In need of a drummer, they called on Jeff (“Shibby”) who, having played the drums since the age of 13, seemed to fit in perfectly. After the first drunken jam session (which happened to include the help of four friends to hold the drum kit together), the band was off to a great start. They played over the past year with just the three of them until just recently when Turner was able to join in the fun. Turner had known Logan and Keegan through a band the three of them were all involved with in high school and has become an essential addition to the group.

In their jam space, which happens to be covered from top to bottom in Christmas lights (seriously, it’s quite a scene), the band really likes to play around with their songs. As they are all able to play each other’s instruments, they will often switch it up, play each other’s parts, and see what different personality they can bring to their songs. Bringing Turner on board has also pushed them forwards. They feel the sound is more rounded out and they have more freedom to collaborate and try new things. Having a well-rounded taste in music is something the whole band truly values. Their influences include Guns N’ Roses, Queens of the Stone Age, TurboNegro, Every Time I Die, Foo Fighters, Rush, Tea Party, Silverchair, and Hey Sugar. With influences like these, you know they’ll be doing it right. However, as rock based as they may seem, there are a couple lingering guilty pleasures in the group. Shibby has admitted to being a closet country lover, Turner happens to have Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” on vinyl, and leave it to Logan to have Disney’s “The Elephant Walk” as his ring tone. All these things considered, these guys still know how to rock out!

What sets this band apart from other indie rockers in the city is their performance. They’re definitely not afraid of getting up close and personal with their audience. Keegan uses his wireless bass ability to literally rock out wherever he pleases and for the rest of the band, Shibby states, “We really like to go nutty when we play”. The incredible energy this group brings to the stage enhances the quality of their tunes, and brings their passion into every note. They believe that it’s not just the music that the audience is going to remember when they leave a show, it’s all in the performance!

Looking Forward and Shows

With hopes for a CD release in the near future and dreams of a US tour, Million Dollar Fix is setting their sights high. There’s no doubt that combining pure musical talent with unique personality is a sure fire way to the top. They’ve been gaining momentum by bringing their sound to multiple areas of the city over the past year and have even helped raise funds at a few charity events. This fall watch for their first show all together at their “4th Member Unveiling” show on October 15th at The Blind Beggar. They’ve also got a bunch of gigs throughout the rest of October and November so be sure to check back with Indie403 for the latest updates! This group is not one to be missed.

If you’re looking for a fun night with excellent tunes, you’ve gotta check them out! And, as Shibby states, “It’s really hard going to bed at night when you’re this talented… just saying.”

That is why Indie403 has chosen Million Dollar Fix as our Feature Artist of the Month!
- Indie403


Still working on that hot first release.



It isnt often that that a band was born the exact same way it was meant to exist, but thats precisely what happened the day Million Dollar Fix got together: In 2010, they started jamming at a party, riffs pouring out at the same speed of the delicious PBR pouring down their throats, and the end result was the ultimate riff-slinging rock and roll party band.

Million Dollar Fix begin playing live shows as a three-piece and continued to do so for years before recording a hell of a self-released debut album, Billygoat, in 2012. Their well-earned achievements grabbed the attention of western Canada and landed them live slots alongside Indian Handcrafts, Chron Goblin, Sandrider, Daywalker, Witchstone, High Kicks and more.

In an era where stoner rock and doom metal are king, the band leans more toward the likes of Thin Lizzy than Black Sabbath and aligns themselves with more straight-up, no-fuss classic rock n roll than any musical trend of the moment. No matter what, they aim to infiltrate any good times with their infectious upbeat riffs.

Armed with a new lead guitarist, Brad Weidlich, Logan Derby (guitar/vocals), Keegan Costella (bass/vocals) and Jeff Shibby Smith (drums) have finished up in the studio to emerge in early 2014 with a sophomore album to blast away any cold-weather misery with riffs that drip with beer and a party-it-away attitude. That's what rock 'n' roll was made for and that's what Million Dollar Fix is here to do.

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