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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | MAJOR

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | MAJOR
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"Live Review (October 2012)"

Millions, the national tour support act, are a band who I hadn’t seen since a drunken night last year when I’d finished my final ever uni exam. I remembered liking them, but not much else apart from that (though as the night continued, they remembered more than I), so having them also on tonight’s bill was a pleasant addition as well as an opportunity to see the band without the hindrance of beer-goggles. The Brisbane boys have clearly stepped up their game since that night at Jive; gone are the casual jeans/tee combos, instead, onstage are a handsome, stylishly matching band with a mature, defined sound to boot. It’s undeniable that Dom Haddad’s vocals are quite Alex Turner-without-the-Brylcreem-esque and with the gold, sparkly backdrop of the stage and the band’s gorgeous vintage rock sound, I began to feel like I was at one of those ridiculously themed American prom nights…in the good way. “Slow Burner”, “Guru” and new song “Nineteen” went down the best with the small crowd that’d now assembled and although the band was faced with a shithouse audio mix throughout their set, they ploughed through. I wish someone had filmed Millions’ cover of The Ronettes’ classic song “Be My Baby” as I think you could sense the hearts of girls in the room starting to beat that little bit faster as they crooned their way through the 1963 pop gem. If the rest of the night went to crap, it wouldn’t have mattered to me – these guys would have been worth it. - The AU Review

""Nineteen" Film Clip Premiere (October 2012)"

There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing. Or so says Brisbane four-piece Millions. Thin Lizzy, songs about girls, glam rock – all these they define as ‘good’. Now they share yet another good thing: an exclusive debut of their brand new single, Nineteen. We hit them up for the story behind the song.

Your inspiration musically?
Around the time the song was recorded and written, we were delving into the world of Glam rock and other fuzzed-out sounds from the 1970s. From this era we took really thumping drums and bass, heavily distorted lead guitar riffs and lo-fi vocals and tried to do our own thing with it. Some people say it sounds like Thin Lizzy, which can't be a bad thing. Nineteen represents the next step in the development of our sound - heavier, more mature and sonically more interesting in terms of theactual sounds of our instruments and voices. But really we just wanted to write a song that was a shuffle, because shuffles are badass.

And lyrically?
Nineteen is simply an ode to superficiality and how you can short change yourself if you adopt that attitude for too long. Girls we know and the things they do feature heavily in this song, though they may not realise it straight away, so there's that entire other aspect to it as well. Thanks ladies.

And, tell us a little about the clip?
We were stoked to work with Michael Sloane who has done some of our favourite videos, including those of our friends in Last Dinosaurs. We feel Michael has captured the essence of the meaning of the song in a subtle and clever way, while making us look cool while wearing turtleneck skivvies. Not an easy task. Kudos to Michael and his team and enjoy the video! - Russh Magazine

"triple j Next Crop Feature (December 2012)"

Millions started with a bang. With just their first song, 'Those Girls', the dudes from Brisbane were thrust onto the main stage at Splendour in The Grass 2011 thanks to triple j Unearthed. But they took their time honing their infectious brand of '50s and '60s inspired indie pop and playing alongside The Grates, Bleeding Knees Club, Bluejuice and Last Dinosaurs. Then they released not one but two EPs this year: Nine Lives, Six Degrees in July and Cruel in November.

Millions will ring in the New Year at the Falls and Southbound Festivals before getting back to the studio to bang out their debut album, due for release in 2013. - triple j

""Cruel" EP Review (November 2012)"

Those of you who have had the displeasure of meeting me in person would know that I have a bit of a man crush on the lads in the Brisbane group Millions. From the moment I saw these blokes open for Last Dinosaurs in April, I knew they were something special. The short set that they played inspired me enough to purchase the bands entire discography to date on iTunes, including works from a female pop group (also called Millions), teaching me a valuable lesson: don’t drink and shop.
‘Cruel’, released on Friday is the second EP released this year, and shows signs of the brilliance displayed on the debut EP ‘Nine Lives, Six Degrees’ whilst moving into a more old school rock sound. With leading single ‘Nineteen’ already kicking goals with monumental plays on Triple J, ‘Cruel’ could very well be the breakthrough EP that sends these boys into superstardom.
Opening with the bouncy guitar lick of aforementioned ‘Nineteen’, the old school rock sound is evident from the beginning. With much of the vocal recording on the EP mirroring that of Julian Casablancas on the Strokes’ debut ‘Is This It’, the grungy voice of Dom adds a refreshing contrast to the clean cut sound of ‘Nine Lives, Six Degrees’. The album flows on with a pulsating ballad in title track ‘Cruel’, combing complex lyrics with out of this world guitar licks.
This is followed by ‘Citrus’, a song that would not seem out of place in the latest Bond film, mixing a dirty guitar riff with the classic Millions building sound. The final track of the four song EP – and my personal favourite – ‘Stone Rollin’’ is obviously named after the Rolling Stones inspired sound of the track. It’s Black Keys meets the Rolling Stones with a dirty bass line and do-op backing vocals. ‘Cruel’ is without a doubt showing a more matured Millions, – hopefully a sign of more to come for this group. - Music Laundry

""Nine Lives, Six Degrees" EP Review (July 2012)"

On paper Brisbane troupe Millions are barely toddlers on the national music scene. They’ve got just eighteen months of experience under their belts, but it’s been a busy year and a half for Australia’s new indie-rock darlings. Having played a string of shows and festivals to sell out audiences around the country, these boys are surely making their way to veteran status. And they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

Millions straddle the line somewhere between classic Britpop and garage rock. The recently released EP Nine Lives, Six Degrees features a bunch of tightly knit, hip swaggering tunes creating an infectious blend of happy clap along garage-pop with groovy guitar riffs and Arctic Monkeys-esque vocals. Think Blur with heavier guitars.

Winners of last year’s Triple J Unearthed Competition, Millions opened the 2011 Splendour in the Grass festival sharing the stage with the likes of The Middle East, The Vaccines, Cut copy and Bleeding Knees Club. They’ve also toured extensively supporting Gold Fields and Northeast Party House.

In Nine Lives, Six Degrees Millins have created the perfect soundtrack to your summer holidays. Catch some waves listening to 60’s inspired surfy riffs of Guru, sway before the bonfire reminiscing of love lost to the sweet melody of Slow Burner and dally with summer flings and broken hearts to the tune of Those Girls.

Produced by Matt Lovell (Eskimo Joe) at Sydney’s BJB Studios, the new EP boasts an indie band with a penchant for tight pop melodies and more than enough musical talent. Certainly influenced by the past, but with their sights clearly set on the horizon. - One Tricky Pony

""Guru" Song Feature (November 2011)"

The second single from the Brisbane band Millions, off their forthcoming EP to be released early 2012.

"Millions - Guru review"

Guru - Track Reviews

rating: 5/5
"Hey guys it's summer!" "Let's go to the beach!" "What should we listen to?" "'Guru' by Millions. It's an awesome summer tune." "Hells yeah!"
Dom Alessio, triple j

rating: 5/5
sorry what was that? too busy catching some barrels in the green room while listening to the new track from Millions which is ruling.
Nick Findlay, triple j

rating: 4/5
Yep, another quality tune from Millions. Opened perfectly with that surf-guitar riff and a great tale of unrequited love. Ace.
Zan Rowe, triple j

rating: 5/5
Man, you guys keep coming up with the goods. Can't wait to see you live again.
Nicole Cheek, triple j - Triple J Unearthed


Debut 5-tracker released June 2012 on CD/Digital on Stop Start thru EMI.
Includes the radio favourites "Slow Burner", "Guru" and "Those Girls".

~~ "CRUEL" ~~
Sophomore 4-tracker released November 2012 on CD/Digital on Stop Start thru EMI.
Includes the radio favourites "Nineteen" and "Cruel".



Millions are a set of sharp-dressed garage-pop marvels out of Brisbane! At home they've forged a tireless reputation for swoonsome live shows, as well as establishing an arsenal of swaggeringly tasty tunes.

The Queensland 4-piece hit the ground running when, not long after forming, they were hand-picked by triple j Unearthed to open 2011's Splendour In The Grass festival at Woodford. Since then they've shared stages with the likes of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Grates and Bluejuice, and completed national tours supporting San Cisco, Oh Mercy, Last Dinosaurs and Gold Fields. Millions also rang in 2012 with a performance at Brisbane's No Years shindig, and secured themselves slots at the Big Day Out and Falls festivals.

On the recorded front, Millions' early songs "Those Girls", "Guru" and "Slow Burner" were all flogged on triple j and public radio alike, and also sparked the attention of UK music bible NME. Their first-ever headline tour in July 2012 to launch debut EP "Nine Lives, Six Degrees" saw the AU Review proclaim them "a handsome, stylishly-matching band with a mature, defined sound to boot."

Barely pausing for breath, in November 2012 Millions unleashed their second EP "Cruel". It was spearheaded by lead-off single "Nineteen" - a stomping glam-pop shuffle that once again was instantly added to high rotation on triple j and was awarded Channel [V]'s Ripe Clip Of The Week. Produced by Malcolm Besley (from Northeast Party House) and mixed by Gordon Raphael (The Strokes' "Is This It"), the 4-track EP was frothed-over by The Ripe as "a beautifully-mastered gem".

Millions kicked off 2013 by being named as one of triple j's Next Crop Artists alongside Flume, Bored Nothing, Chet Faker and others. They are currently writing their debut album. It'll take a nation of Millions to hold them back.

* "Millions are the best prom band in Australia." - Dom Alessio, triple j
* "This fresh-faced garage four-piece is something special. Their guitars are warm and sharp; their singer is subtly disenchanted; their songs are clever." - Beat (Melbourne)
* "They're young, handsome and loud." - Alexander Gow, Oh Mercy