MilLion Tracks

MilLion Tracks

 Kansas City, Missouri, USA
BandHip Hop

MilLion Tracks brings a blend of soul, jazz, and a synthesized sound to hard-hitting, laid back hip hop drums. He mixes it all with a powerful message of Jesus Christ in a fashion that is catered to the streets and any individual who has struggled in life hoping for a better outcome.


Making a powerful statement with his name, MilLion Tracks has proved that he is truly a man of his name. Not only is his name representative of the high standard that MilLion Tracks has set for himself, more importantly it is representative of the Lion of Judah. His musical poetry offers a refreshing change to the hip hop industry. With his ear catching beats and anointed words, MilLion Tracks has discovered the recipe for success. “I believe that all my talent comes from one source, and it is my goal to express this in my music,” says MilLion Tracks. Whether it is revealed through the verses laid over his tracks or just through the tracks themselves, hearers of his music are listening to sounds from heaven.

Growing up in the inner city of Kansas City, Missouri, when rap and hip hop were first breaking into the music industry, MilLion Tracks found music as his life long love. “I started with an 8-track tape listening to Run DMC, LL Cool J, Doug E. Fresh, Eric B. & Rakim, and Big Daddy Kane.” Shortly thereafter, he developed a knack for drumming and became a drummer in his church. By the age of nine years old, he also found another talent in the elementary school orchestra playing the viola. In the years following, he began writing his own songs over mainstream instrumental tracks and recording them at his college radio station. “It was then I decided that I needed my own studio to make my vision come true,” states MilLion Tracks. After years of hard work and patience, he has realized his dream, currently recording all of his tracks and vocals in his professional home studio.

Working with Clear Sight Music‘s national recording artist Flame, MilLion Tracks created the track for the song “So Sweet” on Flame’s sophomore album entitled “Rewind” and the track for the song “News Flash” on Flame’s self-entitled debut album. Working also with national recording artist Thi’sl, MilLion Tracks created the tracks for the songs “This House I Shall Live, Pardon Me, and Luv N Life” on Thi’sl’s debut album “This House I Shall Live.” In addition to these projects, he has fully written and produced his own full length album entitled “Journey Long.” With such accomplishments under his belt, MilLion Tracks is well on his way to a prominent career in music. Promoting himself as both an artist and music producer, his songs inspire people of all ages and all backgrounds. Being both an artist and producer has proven to be an incredible experience for MilLion Tracks. He has also been blessed to either open up or share the stage at various events with such well known recording artists as The Cross Movement, Flame, J.R., Thi’sl, Json, T-Bone, and GRITS.

When he is not spending time with his wife and children, MilLion Tracks is lending part of his time to volunteer work. He has worked with the ikros {HOPE} Station to provide hope to victims of natural disasters. Having a heart mainly for the youth and the disadvantaged, he has been a leader at the Salvation Army Corps in Olathe, KS for their teen youth program. But wait, there’s more! He is also active in the Sunday morning praise and worship band as a drummer and was instrumental in helping their Hispanic praise band in past. With his undeniable anointing in music and his incredible work ethic, there is only one place where MilLion Tracks will be led…to reach people for the kingdom of God!



Written By: MilLion Tracks

If you got life, come on get your hands up and Praise!
And it's in Christ, come on get your hands up and Praise!
Because that's what's real, so come on get your hands up and Praise!
Can you feel what I feel, then come on get your hands up and Praise!

(Verse 1)
We don't walk in the night on broadway
But rather walk in the light and it's all day
Yes! We're alive and well
So to those who want to nose dive in hell
I take this opportunity to preach Christ
Until we come to faith's unity, I'm a speak life
With good music disciples can move with
Tried and proved because the bible's the toolkit
The measure of your life and it's true length
The most important thing in life that you dudes get
Because the wages of sin is death
And I'm a keep writing until no ink in my pen is left
That you must be aware men make you
Follow the laws under man's sin nature
But sin's savior is the key
To have life and life more abundantly


(Verse 2)
Be careful of the path you choose
If it's too fast and you crash you lose
But see, if you bring forth fruit with patience
The world can see that the truth's adjacent
And I'm testimony from living crazy foul
Caught up in guns and dope moving KC style
I used to sell and smoke mad chronic
So now to the ones who do it, I'm here to admonish
Because it led to coke, then it turned to crack
Slowly killing all the clucks while I turned my back
Because I was earning stacks of them chips
I had straps on me and kept straps in the whip
But the moral of the story getting sums of does
And honies is that it quickly comes and goes
You get caught up in this image in this nation
And you facing fiery indignation


(Verse 3)
The anointing abides with us
It is truth so there's no lies in us
We hate the evil and cleave to good
Educate the people to leave the hood
Mental, show them in Hebrews 10 how
One sacrifice for our sins has endowed
Us with life as we continue to trust in Christ
And through Him do judgment and justice right
And more so we can praise His glorious name
And give honor like when warriors reign
On the enemy, because the nature of sin in me
Was removed from my heart independently
And now my ministry is to serve the world like a waiter times 10 in me
And it's the unleavened bread that we feast
So if you want to know Him just get at me peeps

(Chorus) x 2

Set List

Set list includes anywhere from 3 - 10 songs, with some speaking time. The set can range from 15 - 45 min.