Million Year Echo

Million Year Echo


Listen, Million Year Echo was founded on the very sincere concept of creating music that we loved to listen too. If you don’t love what you’re creating then who cares? So many ideas and influences shape what we do. This is all we know it’s the only thing were good at.


Spending the interpretive, yet intuitive years of youth in New England, Levi Conner experimented in various electronica and alternative genres, including a part time garage/barn project with Wynn Butler (vocalist for the Arcade Fire). Fast forward, now based in Orlando, Florida, with band members Alan Moretz (guitar), Jon Murray (bass) and Nate Mullins (drums)- the alt rock quartet known Million Year Echo shifts from floating, ghostly vocals reminiscent of Buckley to the organic, textural explosions akin to the timeless alt-rock heavyweights of the early ’90s.

Notable performances include acoustic and full band sets at the ’07 and ’08 Florida Music Festivals. Last fall they were also invited to the 2007 the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival with the line up including Kaiser Chiefs (UK), The Go! Team (UK), We are Scientists (US), Wolf Parade (CAN), Brazilian Girls (US), and Cold War Kids (US) among others. Conner played two acoustic shows to packed venues.

One of their biggest fans, VH1’s Matt Pinfield, has placed the track “So This Is Love” into rotation on his Sirius Radio show (Ch. 26). He first met Conner at FMF2005 and has followed the band since. Now, fresh off the demo sessions in Los Angeles with producer Mark Weinberg, MYE have developed a genuine following among labels and music fans alike.

MYE is currently booking dates around the southeast. For further information or images for your publication please contact Sean Perry below.


Million Year Echo (EP)

Set List

- All original music - No covers
- Sets last 25-45 minutes
- A typical set list would include: Head Up, Being Found, So This is Love, Lost it All, The Life, The Chase, I Wish This Wasn't Hell, Turn To Me