Four accomplished traditional musicians from different backgrounds (|rish, bluegrass, old-time fiddle, middle eastern) collaborate to create extraordinary new acoustic music. Their debut album won them an International Acoustic Music Award.


Frank Zappa once stated, "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture." Rather than attempt to describe Millish's music, it would be more worthwhile to cite the musical ingredients that create their music.

Millish is comprised of State Champion bluegrass fiddler Brad Phillips, National Award-winning jazz percussionist Mike Shimmin, World Champion Uilleann piper Tyler Duncan, and blazingly inventive acoustic guitarist Jesse Lee Mason, all of whom share an active interest in jazz. Never forcing a preconcieved notion of "fusion," the band has let their music coalesce over the past four years, and it's already turning heads worldwide. Their debut album earned them an International Acoustic Music Award - before it was even released.

Millish is united by a single musical goal: to participate in the evolution of modern music. Judging by their accolades, they're well on their way.


EP (2003)
Millish (2005)

Set List

Chetverno Horo
The Mighty Pickle
The Jigs
Tex Mex Epic
Traditional Arabic Tune
Blue Rondo


Chinese #1
Parachute Man
Groovy Reels
Hungry Man #1
Stairway to Heaven

(Two 45-minute sets)