Millpond Moon

Millpond Moon

 Bergen, Hordaland, NOR

This is American singer-songwriter and roots tradition of a standard which is rarely produced by artists with a Norwegian passport.Their vocal interplay and guitar playing is so effortless,acoustic and transparent, yet close and gratifying, and with two voices and two guitars in perfect harmony


Millpond Moon - is the indie americana duo of Kjersti Misje and Rune Hauge from Norway.

Since appearing at the Glastonbury Festival in 2004, they've been touring extensively both in the UK and US. During this period they've created they're own sound and style, and a new album is to be released October 11th 2012. The music is recorded by Millpond Moon in their studio in Norway, and by Bill Wolf ( Tony Rice, Seldom Scene, Peter Rowan, etc.) in Arlington,VA. Mixed by Millpond Moon and Bill Wolf. Mastered by Bill Wolf.

Musicians appearing on the album:

Rune Hauge: vocals, guitar and dobro
Kjersti Misje:vocals, guitar and piano
Rickie Simpkins: fiddle, viola and mandolin
Ronnie Simpkins: double-bass
Øystein Fosshagen: fiddle, mandolin and guitar
Ole Marius Sandberg: double-bass

The reflects the style the pair has cultivated on the road: old-time and Americana with heart-wrenching harmonies and old-time instrumentation.

The press writes:

"...Their vocal interplay and guitar playing was so effortless, classy and energetic that the posters' promise of "superb listening" was fulfilled many times over. However, the sparkle they brought to their jamming, and their ability to play off the cuff, bear witness of a standard which is far from ordinary fare in this country..." Johnny Andreassen - Drammens Tidende, Norway

Kjersti graduated from Faculty of fine Arts at Agder University College in 1996 where she studied rythmic music and jazz vocal training. She strums her guitar in subtle chords and various tunings, while blending jazzvocals with oldtime, country and bluegrass. She also proves to be an excellent folk singer with a fine, even voice with lots of warmth,

Rune Hauge is known to be one of Norway's leading roots artists, guitarists and singer/songwriters. He's appeared on numerous recordings on guitar, vocals and dobro with some of Noway's leading artists. In 1992/93 he was musical director and performer on two successfull NRK TV-series (Norway's leading TV network) called "Roots 92" and "Roots 93". Among the guests were Garth Hudson, Townes Van Zandt, Emmylou Harris, Rick Danko, Paul Brady, Richard Thompson, Tony Joe White plus many more.

Since 2004 Millpond Moon have been keeping up the pace with their European and US tour circuits and plan on continuing that trend.

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You were there for me

Written By: Peter Rowan

When all my dreams were broken,
I was down on bended knees,
Through my pain I called your name,
You were there for me,
You were there for me,

I climbed the highest mountain,
I looked down in the deep blue sea,
The sky, it cries for love sweet love,
You were there for me,
You were there for me,

I will always love you,
No matter where you may be,
I'll be there for you, baby,
You were there for me,
You were there for me,

And I will always remember,
How you set me free,
With kindness and affection,
You were there for me,
You were there for me,

You were there for me,
You were there for me,


Written By: Rune Hauge

Don't know what you mean
you wanna bring it to a close
Don't know what you mean
you say our friendship froze
Don't know what you mean
with all this push and shove
Bringing me down on my knees
Is this love, oh love

I go haywire, haywire
hold one's own
Haywire, hang up the phone
Haywire, haywire trying to get by
Haywire once bit twice shy

Don't know what's going on in yur mind
But I know it's a bad sign
Too much talk about the ties that binds
Bringing me down on my knees
Is this love, oh love

I go haywire, haywire...

I'm going away now hear the engine roar
You won't play fast and loose with me no more
No more fuzz and fight soon I'll be out of sight
Bringing me down on my knees
Is this love, oh sweet love

I go haywire, haywire.....


Rune Hauge - "The One You Need" 1995 (Dialog Foss Production).
Rune Hauge - "Taxi" 1999 (Bergen Records).
Millpond Moon - "Nation of Two" 2001 (Bergen Records).

Set List

We do one or two sets for about 60 minutes. It depends on the venue.
1 set:
1. You're a big Girl Now - Bob Dylan.
2. I won't - Millpond Moon
3. Ain't got you - Millpond Moon
4. Nation of Two - Millpond Moon
5. Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell
6. Taxi - Millpond Moon
7. Lucy Liu - Millpond Moon
8. Only rivers never turn - Millpond Moon
9. New Blood in town - Millpond Moon
10 This is Nature - Millpond Moon

2 set:
1. Memory Lane - Millpond Moon
2. Lost in the rain - Millpond Moon
3. If I needed you - Townes Van Zandt
4. Let it grow - Millpond Moon
5. If I Only Knew - Millpond Moon
6. High Mountain - Millpond Moon
7. Wayfarin' stranger - trad.
8. Walk beside me - trad.
9. When the well is dry - Millpond Moon
10. Blowin' in the wind - Bob Dylan