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Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF

Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF
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"Dead Earnest review Millsyeck Once Clean Twice Dirty EP"

MILLSYECK - Once Clean Twice Dirty CD-EP

The CD opens with “Looking After Number 1”, as classic a slice of seventies-esque blues-metal-rock as they come, the addictive guitar riffs, the solid bass, the driving drums and heated,impassioned vocals all leading into this hugely uplifting, inspirational chorus that's got everything from Foghat to Guns 'n' Roses written all over it, so that the long it goes, the more you're carried along in its heady and headbanging glories, but at the heart of it all, a sea of guitars, a seriously on-fire lead guitar break, strong sounding, emotive vocals, immense rhythms, a mighty chorus, an addictive hook and a band performance that's simply breathtaking as one of the band's best songs to date simply explodes into your life With a burst of searing heat lead guitar, this band of Dundee's finest contemporary indie blues-rockers take off into “Jumpin' In The Grave” with a vengeance as pumping bass, thundering drums and rhythm guitar riffing all combine at breakneck blues-rock speed, the solid, emotive, gritty vocals of lead singer and lead guitarist Alex Mills, delivering one sneer of a vocal that really races along with passion and a raw emotion that's just sensational. The whole thing drives headlong into this multi-tracked vocal chorus that takes off like a rocket in a blaze of guitar-driven glory as it reaches the upper atmosphere before entering the stratosphere and filling it with harmonies, choruses, guitars and red hot rhythms, bringing sizzling hot blues-rock into a new, exciting and refreshing life. Finally, there's “Not What You See” is heavier and more mid-paced, allowing the almost Pete Townsend-esque guitar riffs to spark out like solar flares as that awesome bass pumps out and the drums thunder once again, this time at a more deliberate pace. The vocals initially emerge as a wordless holler before the twin guitars join forces for a sea of cyclical riffs that are absolutely electrifying. The vocal sounds seriously menacing as the choppy rhythms stride out under this sea of blazing, clipped, electric guitars riffs. Ultimately the vocal lifts off into a high-flying hook as the intensity and density of the arrangement and singing all rise, while the rock solid vein of guitars and rhythms continues unabated at the heart of the track. There's a real feeling of evil intent to a track that is both uplifting and venomous at the same time. There's a red hot guitar break that just glows against the driving beats and the ferocious rhythm guitar before the verse-as-chorus rocket-rides to the skies as more searing heat lead guitar take the song to an abrupt end. Three awesome tracks – get them now!!!

- Andy G

"Dead Earnest Millsyeck True Friend EP Review"


Just when you think you know how good a band is, they surprise you even more. Dundee's Millsyeck have carved their fast-rising name as a powerful contemporary mix of primarily bluesy rock with modern songwriting, with the guitar work of lead guy Alex Mills, very much the focal point. Yet, on this EP, they've proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that, not only can these guys play, but they can write some truly great, heartfelt songs that don't have to rock to showcase the power of the band. What you get here is a trio of songs, superbly written and arranged but each the mirror of a rock band's restraint as the sheer force of emotion makes up for the desire to rock out, and he result are three anthems that you can't help fall in love with. The CD opens with “True Friend”, starting with some high register lead guitar work and crisp acoustic strumming before a lone emotive vocal enters to provide the verse with hushed anguish, the guitars re-entering as the electric lead spirals up and out of sight as the vocal returns and then, accompanied by the acoustic guitar, accelerates the emotion a notch until they reach the final hook as the rhythm section's arrival heralds a brief, soaring guitar break, before the band drops back, the sound of lurching rhythm section and that crisp acoustic guitar allow the full passion of the vocals to deliver what's essentially a contemporary love song with restrained power and tasteful dynamics. The song and band lift off then simply fade out of sight, a great arrangement for sure. “Everchange” starts with the rhythm section crunching away, a great drum sound, more of that crisp acoustic guitar work, deep bass and a slightly accelerated but still highly emotive vocal delivering another yearning song with heartfelt passion and slightly more urgency. This time, the song hurtles into a hook and a sort of chorus, before a sudden burst of electric guitar adds an extra dimension only to stop as the vocal intensifies, and, despite the lack of any distinctly commercial edge, nevertheless manages to keep you hooked to its charms, that gravely vocal the focal point around which it all revolves. Finally, there's “Dream Of You” and, for me, the highlight of the EP. This is a real anthem of a track, the sort of song that would have an audience of thousands swaying along to its charms as this magnificently delivered vocal sings a song that simply can't fail to take you with it. The band's bluesy element comes to the fore, but there's so much more to it than that, as the mix of restrained electric guitar, crisp acoustic guitar, rolling rhythms and emotive lead vocals, all combine to let a glorious song rise up in all its glory as that electric guitar restraint positively shines on a solo that's as bright as the sun, on a song that's got grade A class and quality written all over it, not to mention memorability, delight and an infectious nature that makes you want to listen to it over and over. The songs themselves are all splendidly written, lyrically rich and arranged to perfection, providing the other side to a band that's really spanning the decades with a wide-ranging appeal, proof positive, that a great song is a great song no matter which stylistic coat in which you wrap it.

- Andy G

"Dead Earnest Gig Review Doghouse Dundee 4/9/10"

So, back to The Doghouse, just in time to catch Millsyeck. We initially watched from the side of the stage in a packed-out Doghouse, Sarah wondering what this ego of a guitar player was capable of producing, me knowing exactly that the guy could walk the walk and talk the talk. So, right from the off, the band roared with Jamie's drumming the tightest I'd heard it in ages and the twin guitars riffing like demons over the pounding bass as Alex's vocals sounded both gritty and harmonious, a trademark of just how well he and the band carry across the songs in a live setting, as the first of many searing guitar solos broke out. I looked at Sarah and smiled - she smiled back - her love of seventies twin guitar rock bands was having its effect as she decided to move a tad closer - to the band, that is. Song after powerful song was unleashed and, by the time we'd got round to "Looking After Number One", she was at the front of the stage dancing like a dervish, while I was slightly further back as we danced and jumped with the rest of the audience, all of who were by now leaping about the place to the mighty Millsyeck. On what was arguably one of the stongest sets they've played to date, the band unleashed a faultless set of what are essentially blues-rock songs wrapped up in a modern-sounding set of arrangements, most of which cross over to a huge degree so that rock fans are gonna love the guitars, pop fans are gonna sing the songs, electric blues fans are gonna love it, indie fans are not gonna find it too far removed from the songs that they want to hear and the whole thing is this superbly played and written set of songs that can't fail to have the whole place jumping, yet songs of such quality that you want to take them home and play them each and every day. Sarah was impressed - and, I have to say, so was I - and I've seen the band loads. Twenty years ago, they would have ruled the world - things in the music industry have sadly moved on, but, mark my words, the potential for this rock band is still there.

- Andy G, Sarah C

"Dead Earnest Gig Review Hustlers Dundee 24/4/10"

Now you'd think that was a pretty well impossible act to follow, but you'd reckon without the guitar god that is Alex Mills, armed with a band, Millsyeck, and a solid set of blues-rock songs with a contemporary indie twist, that were stunning from start to finish.
A short instrumental intro showed the beefy, chunky strength of the rhythm section and the guitarists before driving headlong into one of the clutch of new tracks, "Jumping In Your Grave", as gutsy vocals, beefy riffs, that spark of lead guitar and rhythm guitar offer a bluesy song that really swings. There's a cyclical guitar riff acting as a hook but it's essentially hi-nrg Rory Gallagher territory with a modern feel, as the fast-paced rocker really stands out as a classic set opener, defying you to stand still. The hook as chorus kind of segues in and out of the verses, driving forward with purpose. Third track up opens with a stomping beat, swirling guitar lead and the bass thob underpinning the smouldering rhythm guitar as a James Dewar-esque vocal delivers a Robin Trower-esque song with a sense of grinning menace. The song flows amid bursts of lead guitar as it intnesifies to stray out of '70's territory and becomes this energetic, driving rocker with bluesy guitar squall. Fourth track starts with a slow blues intro aided by lurching beats, emotive guitar work and equally impassioned vocals, the song proving to be a memorable slice of cyclical songwriting that has classic '70's-tinged blues-rock anthem, written all over it, as the band builds but deliberately homds back to allow the full majesty of the song drive onwards and upwards. It's the song that's at the heart of things until a guitar solo emerges and glides from the PA like a slow-motion firework. The sway of the rhythms, the strength and purity of the vocals plus the chiming guitars, all coming together to provide one huge sounding mid-paced gem that you want to hear over and over again. The fifth track, a stomping rocker, roars into life as low-slung vocal turns into flying mid-range vocal, driving ahead in a blaze of riffing and rhythms. Choppy beats, suitably taut vocals and guitar bursts make for a red-hot song with melody, strength, power and hook-laden splendour. It heads into a furnace heat guitar solo over the dramatic backing as the guitar lifts off, swirls, rises and finally rockets into solid bass and driving drumming. A feedback-rich end point allows the song to return faster than ever, as the band drive headlong into a burning final section. Track 6 is their take on the seminal blues-rock anthem "Hard To Handle", while the seventh track starts as a ballad punctuated by bursts of heated lead guitar as the deep bass, gently crashing cymbals and crisp rhythm guitar, provide the undercurrent for a stretched-out vocal to weave its magic. The whole thing briefly intensifies before heading back to an altogether beefier song, The song revolves around a really emotive vocal performance with some glorious high-register guitar leads. The eight is a fast-paced, rock-pop track with a bluesy heart as another great vocal takes off on a song where the whole band plays it tight yet restrained. Nevertheless, it's still powerful and breaks out into a memorable chorus that really lifts off.A driving number that just works spot on - great depth, solid foundations, heated lead guitar breaks and one epic of a track with an almost "Freebird-esque" guitar outro. "Looking For Number One" starts with this huge sounding guitar intro that moves right into a searing guitar lead, red hot riffing, supercharged drumming and massive bass work, as this lyrically observational song delivers a blues-rock, indie-pop anthem full of power, high-flying vocals, massive, rich, deep, down and dirty riffs as the vocals really deliver the goods on a monumental slice of rock superiority, whichever way you look at it. The end with the motorised memorability of "Back Your Way", as the band hammer, via an opening big-riffing guitar, into this racing slice of blues-rock with a fierce guitar heat and melodic heart. The vocals blast out at fair pace as the band puts its collective foot down to drive headlong into the uplifting chorus, like Trower on steroids, uppers and speed at the same time. Overall, an absolutely fantastic set!!
- Andy G

"Dead Earnest Mention"

Millsyeck - Combination of 1-man operation in the studio and live band on a tight and driving, unique brew of indie and rock

- Andy G

"Forfar Singer May be Rock idol"

Forfar singer may be rock idol

Alex Mills hopes for stardom after wowing judges at auditions in Glasgow.

ANGUS SINGER and songwriter Alex Mills is hoping for his big break after winning through the early stages of a national talent show.

The Forfar rock fan impressed Idol UK judges with a recent Glasgow audition, earning the 29-year-old a berth in the regional final of a competition where £25,000 worth of prizes and the chance of a shot at stardom are on offer.

Alex—who grew up in Dundee but now lives in Dundee Road, Forfar, with his wife Elena— has harboured dreams of making it big since joining his first band as a teenager.

He hopes lady luck will be smiling when the competition spotlight shines on him on a return visit to Glasgow.

“In 2006 I finished my first CD and did everything on it, including the artwork,” said Alex, a worker at Forfar’s Strathmore Mineral Water Company.

“My influences are in rock, groups like Bon Jovi, Metallica and INXS, but I have my own style and in the Glasgow audition I performed one of my own tunes, Ever Change.

“I haven’t decided what I’m going to do for the second audition, it will be something I’ve written myself because I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I want to be myself and try to show the judges that I can sing my own song and play guitar—if I had to go on and sing something by someone else it wouldn’t be for me.

“The ultimate goal is a record deal and hopefully there will be someone in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on November 2 who will see something in me.”

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- D.C Thompson


Debut Album "Who I Am" -
Played on Tay Fm`s Breakfast show.

True Friend EP -
3 Track EP released as a charity single to raise Cash for Kids.

Once Clean Twice Dirty EP -
Self distributed 3 track EP. A collection of songs from the bands upcoming second album.



Millsyeck (Mill-sy-eck) are a four piece blues driven rock group from Scotland.

Formed in 2009, Alex Mills , Franko Dee, Steve 'Caveman' Alexander and Chris Melvin have set the pace with their storming live shows full of uplifting vocals and addictive guitar riffs.

A founding member of The Scottish Rock Collective, Millsyeck have supported artist such as Logan at Fat Sams Live, Dundee and Lafaro at Stereo, Glasgow.

Recent successes include making the finals of Kerrang,Tay Fm and Hard Rock Calling Battle of The Bands, and played Tattoo Jam, The UK's Biggest Tattoo Convention for the 2nd year in a row.

Millsyeck have enjoyed successful airplay on major radio stations including; Amazing Radio, Tay Fm, 96.3 Rock Radio and internet radio shows such as DUSA's Discover Radio Rock Show, Jaspa Mtm Rock Show, Radio Rock Cafe and Noize Level Critical.

Millsyeck's success continues to grow through their hard working ethic,love of music and their energetic live performances.

Having been been nominated for Best Rock Recording 2011 for Looking Out For Number One at The Scottish New Music Awards, the band are pro-actively working to cement their place in the future of rock music...Period!