Milly James

Milly James


A singer/songwriter with her own unique blend of pop/jazz delivered in an imitable, clear, lush vocal style! A confident performer with the uncanny ability to draw the audience in to her stories set in song.


Well... I am originally from England and some time a few years back found myself stuck in the a***end of the world... the beautiful state of West Australia!!
I grew up singing and dancing, perpetually on stage with encouragement from the 'stage mother' from hell! Shouldn't really say that about her ... God rest her soul! As she's responsible for my childhood musical education, I grew up listening to Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, The Beatles as well as Opera, reggae and ska! Is it any wonder I was musically confused!
Not only that... I could never make up my mind whether I wanted to Sing, Dance or be an artist so I have done all three thoughout my life time. One of the things I brag about is having studied at The London School of Contemporary dance and having acted alongside Alan Rickman at my local theatre, in Leicester, back in the days before he was well famous!

Most of my songs come out of my writing poetry and prose etc, which I have been doing ever since I was 8 when our washing machine broke down and we had to use the laundrette, and the very kind man who was the owner could clearly see that I was bored witless and gave me a little notebook to write in, which was really the start of it all.

I use songwriting as a vehicle to express feeling, thought or emotion or just incident! So many seemingly insignificant happenings to me are potentially sbject matter for songs.

I like to align myself and aspire to be like artists such as Feist, Hanne Huckleberg, Fiona Apple, Nina Simone
I love the minimalism that seems to be taking place with song writing these days, where the voice and few instruments steal the show.


Lucky Guy

Written By: Milly james (aka Nicole Reid)

Got a bouquet today
Roses from far away
The envy of all who survey
Can't hide the smile on my face
Wondering who's the author of
My sweet surprise
Read the card in letters large
signed lucky guy

And I'm laughing
cos i knew it was you
Who else
would be so good to me
fortune it seems smiles down on you
but don't you see
I'm lucky too
lucky me too

People guessing
I've got an admirer they say
let them speculate
can't hide the smile on my face
down the street step my bold feet
flowers held high
in my heart thrilled by the thought
of my lucky guy
and I'm laughing....

repeat chorus


• In 2003 I wrote some lyrics for the Instrumental track Take A Small Break, by UK duo The Problem Kids. I then recorded my version and sent it off to Problem Kid Mark Wilkinson. Mark was impressed enough to do further remixes , then handed it to the guys at Paper Recordings UK , who agreed to release it. Take a Small Break was released June 23 03 on Paper recordings UK. The track received copious airplay on RTRfm, MMM Adelaide, and at various London venues
I have also co-written 3 tracks for the Ku-Ling Brothers (a local band led by Stephen Malinder from the famous Cabaret Voltaire) forthcoming album, Here Come The Astronauts which is finally due for release in 2008 on Off-World Sounds label.

A version of one of my funk songs "Big Mouth" is currently streamed on Mukatsuku’s live to Europe web radio show.

Set List

My typical repertoire consists largely of my original songs,
with maybe two nu-jazz type covers thrown in. I only perform covers that i admire and complement my own music.

Prefer to play a one hour set straight through or an 80 min set with a 15 break.