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São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil | SELF

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil | SELF
Band Rock Alternative




"Indie 103.1"

Milocovik plays at Sala de Espera Setlist (Indie 103.1)
@milocovik on @saladeespera (Latin Alternative Music) - Indie103.1

""Bitter Plum" @ MTV"

The videoclip "Bitter Plum" debut on MTV Brasil's LAB BR.
Program Schedule: Saturday at 11:00 am, Sunday at 02:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. - MTV

""Trouble" @ Trama TV"

Milocovik new song "TROUBLE", on Trama TV.
Also available: performance of "Perro Negro" and "Out of Her House." - Trama

"Rayban Couch Sessions"

Milocovik was invited to participate the Ray-Ban Couch Sessions, together with other 8 bands chosen by Ray-Ban and Rolling Stone magazine. - Rayban


2008 - First Single - "Perro Negro"
2009 - EP - SexPack
2009 - Official Video - "Bitter Plum" @ MTV Brazil
2010 - Official Video - "Trouble" @ Trama Virtual
2011 - Official Video - "Acoustic Ni" @ Rayban Couch Sessions

NOW! Recording :)



Music and image in an inseparable relationship; that is how the Brazilian quartet, Milocovik, produces its art. The indie rock made by Toni (vocals), Claudio (guitar), Thumbzz (bass), and Ito (drums) draws its inspiration from all forms of urban art: film, graffiti, television, photography, art collectives and fashion. It is from this pulsing energy that the band renders its music, an electrifying mixture of rock, new wave, electronic influences, and predominantly, discopunk.

Milocovik released Sex Pack, its first EP, in 2009. On this record, all of the aforementioned influences are stripped down and translated into raw performances; a naked presentation of vocals and the power trio without any overlying synthesizers or after production makeup. At the same time, on tracks like "Out of Her House", you get e distinct feeling that you're listening to electro-rock. The sensory journey continues on "Daniel Johnson", where singer-songwriter Toni draws on the legendary, underground musician's paranoia to express his own conflicts with love and psychosis. The EP hits all of this without losing the pulse and the beat that's ideal for any dance floor.

The band takes these raw and vibrant characteristics to the stage. With visceral performances that are both energetic and emotional, Milocovik takes its audience on an adventure that at times drops into a dramatic frenzy and then rises into pure celebration. Adding to the atmosphere are the video projections made by the art collective Televisão de Cachorro (Dog Television), which are displayed on the band throughout the performance, their bodies becoming a screen. Milocovik has already rocked the four corners of Brazil; from the major rock clubs of São Paulo, such as, Fun House, Vegas, Bar Secreto, A Torre, NEU, CB and Tapas; to major cultural events, such as, SESC, Virada Cultural Paulista, and Virada Cultural Paulistana; in addition to the major music festivals, Brazilian Music Fair, Goiania Noise, Se Rasgum and Cena Musical Paulista.

The band has also been involved with various artistic endeavors, which can be highlighted by their partnerships with fashion collectives and brands. Milocovik has performed in fashion shows, festivals and events for the brands Opera Rock, Iódice and the collective TudiCofusi. They also played for the Red Bull Music Academy project, which was held during the Casa dos Criadores, an important fashion event in São Paulo.

Most recently, Ray Ban and Rolling Stone magazine invited Milocovik to participate in the Ray Ban Couch Sessions project - a Brazilian extension of the UK's Cab Sessions project. They recorded an exclusive video of their song "Ni", which can be found on the Ray Ban Website.

A fun, yet, mature sound. Milocovik releases two new singles in April and is preparing for its first European tour.