Milton Jerome

Milton Jerome

 Moncton, New Brunswick, CAN
BandRockAdult Contemporary

Milton has been writing since his teens touring major venues throughout Atlantic Canada during the past 10 years. First as front man for the GTO Band later forming the Overdrive Classic Rock Show. More recent shows include a Roy Orbison Tribute. His single "Unconditionally" is now receiving air


Milton has been writing since his teens during his time with the rock group Phase Four. While continuing his writing, Milton spent 15 years in business & away from performing until returning as lead singer of the GTO Band in 2000. Touring Atlantic Canada as the headline act at major festivals and corporate functions, he currently performs with the Overdrive Classic Rock Show. In what many have described as his best vocal performance to date, Milt teamed up with World Elvis Champion, Thane Dunn, paying tribute to the legendary vocals of Roy Orbison. This theatre tour included stops at the historic Imperial & Savoy Theatres. While Milton has been writing for many years, until recently his creations have been heard by only a select few. You can now listen to his first professional recording; "Unconditionally" on Radio RNR.



Written By: Milton Jerome

Written by Milton Jerome (McAllister) 1995

Verse 1

I was a young man, goin' through life without a plan,
Wandering aimlessly
Since I met you darlin', I've wanted to leave the bags behind,
'Cause you made me complete.

Chorus 1

But I just can't seem to find the words,
To tell you what I'm feelin',
And I just can't seem to find a way,
a way to love you.
To love you, to love you, Unconditionally.

Verse 2

I wanna learn to love again, after a love that's gone wrong
Because you mean so much to me.
Since I met you darlin', I've wanted to put the past behind,
I don't want you to ever leave.

Chorus 2

I don't want history to repeat,
When love it turns to need.
I've got to find a way,
A way to love you,
Oh to love you, to love you, Unconditionally.

Days Go By

Written By: Milton Jerome McAllister

Verse 1
I'm gettin' a little tired of this old town,
I don't know how much longer I'll be stickin' around.
With the same old people on Main St.,
And the same old road at my feet.

I'm gettin' a little tired of this old town,
The cold grey sky's kinda draggin' me down.
Year after year as the seasons go by,
The geese have got it right when they're takin' to the sky.

But every time when I see you,
WIth that twinkle in your eyes,
I know it's just the season,
That makes me cry. (And Days go By - Verse 2)

Verse 2


Unconditionally, written in 1995 & recorded in 2002
Visit for more! The single "Unconditionally" has recently received accolades from and is currently receiving air play on Radio RNR & is part of a compilation album: New Faces Volume II

Set List

OVERDRIVE SET LIST: Tipically three 45-50 minute long sets with an emphasis on dancable classic rock tunes. Set 1 features hits from Elvis, Roy Orbison, Chuck Berry and other 50s classics. Set 2 combines a "boys of summer theme" with a Beach Boy medley, also covering CCR and a mini "British Invasion" which features hits from the Stones & Beatles to cap off this nostalgic walk through the "Golden Years of Rockin' Roll". Set 3 Shifts into Overdrive with Canadian Classic Rock from Supergroups like BTO, Guess Who, April Wine, Trooper and Stampeeders. Hits from the likes of Steve Miller, Doobies & Melencamp are also covered.