Milton Menasco and the Big Fiasco

Milton Menasco and the Big Fiasco


Milton Menasco and The Big Fiasco is an original, Rural Funk, Soul Infused, Rock and Reggae three piece. This hard working band prides them selves on soul and a hard groove.


Energy, that's what you feel when you see this three piece from Montana perform. They exude an energy that's electrifying and leaves the audience screaming for more. Milton Menasco's powerful voice comes from a depth that delivers soul and thought while his guitar playing pay's homage to the greats.
If you can catch a glimpse thru the fury behind the drum's you will see Taylor Frost. With a hard pocket and incredible feel, Taylor puts everything he has into his playing and you can feel it.
On Bass you have the deep Mississippi underbelly playing of Ronnie Monk. Rock, Funk, Reggae - you name your fever - Ronnie Monk has the cure. The son of a music store owner and teacher, Ronnie has been playing music professionally since he was thirteen and plans to keep playing 'till the day he dies.
With a common love for performing and a dedication to music, Milton Menasco and the Big Fiasco are looking to take over the world -one show at a time.


We are recording our debut LP and plan to release it sometime mid july on FNA Records.

Set List

Milton Menasco and the Big Fiasco's typical Set:

In The Feel
Country girl
Down on the Beach
Number 3
Monks Funk
Under The Sun
Good Ol Lovin
My Baby
Comen On
In the dirt
Manhattan Mamma
Let It Burn
Pay the piper
Get On Top
The Fool
2nd side
Good Ol Lovin
Free dogger
The Other Side Of Love
The Shadow
Set Free
The Damned
Wonder Lust
Break Free
Out of the Booth
Moment of War
In a Blink
Soul Fire
In My Arms
The Times

Although we are primarily an original band we do play the occasional cover such as Bob Marley's- Rat Race, or Johny Cash's - Folsom Prison, Tom Petty's - You Wreck Me, The Clash's - Brand New Cadillac and The Ramones - Sedated.