Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
BandHip HopSoul

We're a HipHop/Rap group from Milwaukee and our music is like a form of HipHop that can be relaxed and smooth but also can be something played in a party setting. We want to bring back a form of rap, with heavy lyrics and catchy hooks and instrumentals that the listener can really feel and move to!


A group of 5 young skillfull rappers, with an "in-house" producer, who are Milwaukee residents and trying to come up in the industry spittin' their words/life stories. This is MTM

Started in Milwaukee, and for now we are trying to work our way up in this industry promoting real HipHop. The beats are bangin' and the lyrics are amazing. This is how we do it and if you like it thank you and keep supporting. Coming from Milwaukee there arent many outlets into the music industry and with the distractions of the "jackn" hiphop going on in Milwaukee we're trying to burst onto the scene and bring back a more pure form of rap! With there not being that many outlets into the industry coming from Milwaukee, we are putting in overtime in order to showcase our skills to the world and let everybody know that Milwaukee is doing this too in the world of HipHop!


Miltown Massacre, The Mixtape Vol.1

Set List

The Anthem
Ain't No Thang
Handle That Business
Pursuit Of Happiness
Rep Yo City
Swagga Thieves
The Truth
Till The Finish