Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
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Yungcity Daboss
Miltown Movement.

Seconds a way from winning , and just that close to quiting!


Outta tha Mil comes another Rapper, but not just any Rapper.. "Yung City DaBoss" was groomed and raised from the crib 2 tha streets of Milwaukee, WI thru the struggles and hardships of coming up in the music game,he became Co FOUNDER of The Miltown Movement, been shot, peralised, and regivin life. dealing with a masacer shooting that shoud have been death 4 the artist he still was able to rise above all the tragedies and burst back on the seen with his hot new release "JUAN DIBIASE". THE MILLION DOLLA MAN
Being down on one leg, 'Yung City' walked the light of death and beat the odds, to bring you the JUAN DIBIASE version of the new proclaimed Artist that has re-birth his music and will deliver a powerful approach to the music industry. more on "Yung City" coming soon.


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