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Shit Outta Luck have fun on Family Tradition (Organized Crime), which in turn makes the album fun. Frontman Shaw's throaty vocals make him a dead ringer for Clutch's Neil Fallon, and in fact, Shit Outta Luck won't be a hard sell to fans of Clutch's early, hardcore-influenced material. There certainly isn't as much ambition to "Drank Up The Rent" and "Indiana Wisconsin" as Clutch, but this Milwaukee band just want to get drunk and headbang. Fine by me. - Illinois Entertainer

"The Onion 2/14/08"

Any band that decides to leave the basement and play shows in public wants to get its name out there. That is, unless you're a band that puts a curse word in its moniker. A well placed 'fuck' or 'shit' pretty much ensures you can't hang out fliers at most places or be written up in most publications (except, cough, the really cool ones, cough). So, by calling themselves Shit Outta Luck, these chesty Milwaukee punks are pretty much shit outta luck when it comes to getting publicity. Of course, that's all part of SOL's plan. Unlike the Wu-Tang Clan, Shit Outta Luck is definitely not for the children. This is made clear in 'Friday Night Fights', in which the band demands a thorough screening of ID's at the door, Mr. Doorman: "One more 19-year-old fuck steps in my way, I'm going to rip out his balls and shove them up your fucking ass," lead singer Shawn Page politely promises. Shockingly, Shit Outta Luck's upcoming show isn't an all ages gig. - The Onion


The vocalist Shawn has the best voice ever up there with the greats like Paul Bearer Sheer Terror, Anthony Comunale Killing Time/Raw Deal, a voice that reverberates with life's experience and really speaks to some real men who have worked to hard for to little, have fought, drank made bad decisions, and good, and you just can't make music like this at a naive 18. Some hardcore rock and roll with mean guitars, haunting round bass, and some stomp parts, timed patiently, churning out for real men who enjoy their time in their local and don't mind throwing down time and again. These guys could write lyrics for Merle Haggard. Anchor's Down is my favorite and I swear you want to drink, fight, and get some traditional sleeves done when you listen to Family Tradition. There is something very real and honest here though some may find some aspectsand production a little humorous, its very real you will all find. The music seems to burn, nobody was trying to make a hardcore record here and only confidence and the love of the music would allow you to let it become and rock. The sample about the guy talking about positive love songs for women and "I drank my wife away" and not giving a fuck about other people is tight and takes me back to SOIA Injustice System, when the guys says "I got a badge what do you got?" I also love that these guys appreciate Scissorfight, maybe its all the old man in me, but I don't think so on this one kids. This is the music that I want on in my bar everytime I walk in. Real life shit.

My apologies to Shit Outta Luck, as you gave this old angry guy some theme music and I intended to put this up 3 months ago I feel so strongly about it. I am in Milwaukee a lot and/or when you guys are down here in Chicago, I would love to do a video interview of us having a few as I enjoy the suds too........................and I am buying. - C-Rap.com



Milwaukee's answer to Motorhead, Shit Outta Luck has played strip clubs, pig roasts, and opening spots for Valient Thorr and Agnostic Front. It's good to be versatile!

In celebration of dirty, sweaty, naked rock 'n' roll, a band like Shit Outta Luck always makes me smile -- for the same reasons that I couldn't put down the Motley Crue biography, and that I'm always eager to hear another Led Zeppelin groupie story. In the days before political correctness, overdoses, and media criticisms scared the little boy fantasy out of rock music, rock stars were allowed (encouraged, even!) to be gods! They were above the law, and while this often made them despicable human beings, it made them interesting, and sometimes great, musicians.

Shit Outta Luck is of that breed, and the long-running EP Family Tradition is an absolute salute to chaos, excess, and the escape from responsibility.

Johnny Law's closing fast behind/ I can turn this rig on a fuckin' dime/ I'm jammin' gears and slammin' beers/ I got a one way ticket to hell! -- from "indiana, wisconsin."

... but that's not to say that they don't have a softer side...

You know I love that woman/ Til I'm in the ground/ All day at work all I fuckin do/ Is think of you/ Where did it go wrong, baby? What did I do... what did I do? -- from "Drank Up the Rent."

Guys like this piss me off in real life with their macho, whiskey swilling, cocky bravado, but when set to music, it just somehow fits.

Jen Cray - Jen Cray


Family Tradition - released 9/07 on Organized Crime Records



With more hometown pride than Miller beer, Shit Outta Luck prides themselves on giving props where it’s due – Milwaukee. Vocalist Shawn Page said, “I love Milwaukee. I love the bars, the food, the shitty skyline, and just the whole history of it. This city also has a down side to it and that has definitely influenced this band. It's a dirty town with lots of crime and full of downtrodden individuals. We also have a bar on every single corner and that has not hurt our writing process.” Shit Outta Luck takes their Milwaukee pride and love for booze and mixes it with musical influences like Sheer Terror, Scissorfight, and Rose Tattoo, turning it into an uncompromising hybrid of dirty, beer-fueled rock ‘n roll. Their debut record, Family Tradition, shows Shit Outta Luck at their finest and hits stores on October 23rd from Organized Crime Records.
Formed in 2006, for a relatively new band Shit Outta Luck has a credible history. The band boasts x-members of influential Milwaukee bands like Wings Of Scarlet (Life Sentence Records) and Die Alone (Corrosive Records) and the guys all got together to “start the band we wanted to hear. Milwaukee has very few bands with attitude, anger, or heart”, said Shawn. While Shit Outta Luck is a big musical departure from the members’ previous efforts, they’ve all always run the gamut of musical taste – guitarist Mikey has been known to love glam rock, guitarist Louie loves the blues, bass player Casey prefers black metal, and guitarist Russ, drummer Chad, and vocalist Shawn love everything from Irish folk to Oi! and hardcore. Shit Outta Luck is the perfect amalgamation off all things brutal, honest, and pissed, and for those reasons the band has been able to land opening slots on shows with Municipal Waste, Agnostic Front, and Valient Thorr and have played some not-so-traditional shows at strip clubs and pig roasts around Milwaukee.

Organized Crime Records heard Shit Outta Luck’s first demo songs and was blown away by what the band was doing. Label owner Clint Billington said, “hearing Shit Outta Luck for the first time was so refreshing and so different from what’s been going on lately in the scene. They didn’t play re-hashed metalcore, they didn’t have any gimmicks, they were just fiery, menacing, and reckless. I was instantly hooked.” Asking the band about getting signed, they’ll jokingly provide a different story having to do with a dice game, booze, thugs, and prison, when in reality their signing happened like so many other things in the band’s history – through awesome friends with a penchant for helping each other out and it couldn’t be a more perfect partnership.

Shit Outta Luck’s musical debut, Family Tradition, was recorded in Milwaukee, WI with Tim Bleske over many wasted nights during the summer of 2007, and the album captures the nihilistic and straight-forward gritty rock sound that the band wanted to hear. Lyrically, Family Tradition touches on topics like drinking, women and the problems that come along with them, family (Shawn said, “…family has not always been there for any of us so this is all we have…”), bar life, and life in general. Musically, Family Tradition boasts sweet, groove-laden riffs a la Clutch’s Blast Tyrant and is just as fierce as Blood For Blood’s Spit My Last Breath while remaining approachable and classic like The Saints’ Stranded. Bottom line – Shit Outta Luck took their time recording their debut and most importantly, had fun with it, and it shows on their rousing and swaggering debut.

2007 will be an exciting year for Shit Outta Luck as the band will play every show they can around the Midwest and write, write, write. “This is all new to us, as far as music style, we have just now become comfortable in our writing together…”, said Shawn. Fueled equally by booze and their love for music and Milwaukee, you can expect great things from Milwaukee’s Best, Shit Outta Luck.

Shit Outta Luck's brand of rock n' roll is for whiskey drinkers, trouble makers, brawlers and pub crawlers. Ignore the beer, this is the real Milwaukee's Best.

Know that humans are inherently weak and not good for much. That's why you don't want to have too many around you for too long. If they see that you are strong they will be attracted to you. Beware, for this is also always true about humans without exception: they will eventually attack what is strong and see it as their enemy. In their fear they display their need to bring what is seemingly above and beyond them down to their level. - Henry Rollins.

Their debut EP is out this September on Chicago's Organized Crime Records.