Drawing inspiration from North American math- and post-rock, along with Scandinavian atmospheric traditions, Mimas create energetic and challenging pop. Being vocally inspired by different styles such as the rythmic melodies of Why? and the use of gang shouts, it makes them hard to put in one box.


Formed a few years back, Danish/Icelandic band Mimas quickly established themselves in the Danish underground scene. Following the release of the debut EP 'Hands Will Carry' in 2005 the band played at the Roskilde Festival, the biggest festival in Scandinavia. The English indie label 'Worst Case Scenario Records' fell for the sounds of the EP and released the single 'Thought Discuss'. The single got very good reviews from webzines such as Drowned in Sound, Room Thirteen, Losing Today, Subbacultcha and Tasty Fanzine. It also got airtime on Huw Stephens show on BBC1.

The following years were spent perfecting their sound, which moved away from the post-rock scene and closer to what they call "death indie" - having found inspiration in such different bands as Do Make Say Think, Why?, Broken Social Scene and Pavement.

The band has recently played with bands such as Sunset Rubdown, Menomena, Mono, Maps & Atlases, Caspian and Why?.
They have toured England eight times over the last couple of years and and Europe four times.

Mimas have released their sophomore album 'Lifejackets' in the UK and Scandinavia through Big Scary Monsters Records and Pad & Pen Records. The album was mixed by Addi 800 (Blur, Sigur Rós, Morten Harket) and mastered by Chris Tsangarides (Thin Lizzy, Depeche Mode). It will be released by the Berlin-label 'Sinnbus Records' in May 2011, and Mimas have also just signed to the booking agency Gastspielreisen Rodenberg.


"Thought Discuss" - released by Worst Case Scenario Records in England 2006.

"Hands Will Carry" - released in Denmark 2005

"The Worries" - released October 6th 2008

"Lifejackets! - released October 4th 2010

Set List

Set lists include songs like:

Cats On Fire
Sodapop Stalkers
Why in the World Not?
Le Moustache Formidable
Mac, Get Your Gear

We do one set, and it's about 45 minute long. But this can be adjusted.
Touring the Riot Scene