Cleveland, Tennessee, USA

The newest cd contains couple of dirty ditties, a bluesy tune, some songs of love, one written by friends, and two borrowed from the 70's, all with a laid back presentation. Just having fun with the music.


I got my first guitar at seventeen. I learned to play by ear, and by watching other musicians. I played privately along with cds and the radio.
A few years later, I met a girl who had played in bands, but didn't want to do it any more. I continued to play privately, always trying to talk her into playing again. One night a couple of years later, we were working in the local corner bar when a girl came in to play her acoustic. I harmonized from behind the bar, and my friend said, "We three need to play together." I was more than willing, as was the girl with the acoustic. The three of us began to play acoustic sets, and then we branched out. I went to the drums and they played electric guitar and bass. We had doubled our setlist and given ourselves more versatility. We played everything from Indigo Girls & Bob Dylan to Sex Pisols & Lynyrd Skynyrd.
After several years, three girls became two girls with two ever rotating boys on drums and lead guitar. We played mostly electric sets anywhere we could...bars, biker fests, Chattanooga's Riverbend Festival, private parties, the Riverboat, you name it.
In a couple of years, it was back to two girls, which quickly became one. Now I write songs and sing them the way I want to, and play whatever cover songs I feel like. My girlfriend insisted that I continue playing, so I got some recording software and put together an album.
I love all wymin in music...The Donnas, Linda Perry, Pink, Loretta Lynn, Courtney Love, Patsy Cline, Heart, Dolly Parton, The Runaways, Suzi Quatro, Indigo Girls, Melissa Etheridge, Shani Hedden, DaLyrical...the list goes on & on.


Streaming tracks @ www.MySpace.com/MimiFrederick

Set List

Picture This (Mimi)
Shame on You (Indigo Girls)
There He Goes (Loretta Lynn)
Big Rock Candy Mtn. (Harry McClintock)
I Need (Mimi)
In the Summertime (Mungo Jerry)
Sleep While I Drive (Melissa Etheridge)
What Am I Gonna Do? (Mimi)
Chevy Van (Sammy Johns)
Pineapple Princess (Bob & Dick Sherman)
C U n Talk (Mimi)
Wild World (Cat Stevens)
Ins & Outs (Mimi)
What's Up? (4 Non Blondes)

I play more songs. I like to work them in with my own if I need to fill more time in a set.