Mimi Burns Band

Mimi Burns Band

 Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

Exhilarating world roots drive this topnotch band's epic sound. Whether hearing Mimi Burns Band play semi-traditional or original World/Celtic rock music, stadiums will be enticed with the irresistible urge to dance and light up the night with the bic lights, (or the equivalent illumination device).


A few of the venues where the Mimi Burns Band have performed include, but are not limited to, the following:

World Summit Genova, Italy
Whisky A Go-Go Los Angeles, California
Moles Club Bath, England
Paradise Lounge, San Francisco California
Highland Games, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Irish Festival, Dubuque, Iowa
Pops Series with the Philharmonic, Indiana

Mimi Burns was born to in Irish family in Chicago and raised in the Midwest until landing in California for 18 years. While she was in California, she met her musical partner, Styler. They have been a non-stop presence in the World-Rock scene ever since.

Mimi and her band began touring Europe and the U.K. in 1999 after their first album release, “Slipping Away”.

The second album, “Ballade of Ned Haywood,” was written out on the road while on tour in Italy It rose on the charts on the indie stations around the globe and songs from the album are still played on-air to this day.

This exceptionally well-loved band quickly received a zealous and loyal fan based while touring which they acquired through club-packed nights and radio play in more than 30 countries including Japan, Costa Rica, Australia, Europe, the U.K. and North America.

Rarely will see a band with such raw passion and vivacious musicians in the Celtic Rock arena.

Mimi and Styler created their third album, “I Know You’re Out There,” which is wrought with tales of ghosts and desperately lost loves.
The album includes a melodic mixture of fiddles, electrics guitars, those soaring harmonies and a few harps and bagpipes, (added from another well known Celtic based duo known as Brother), to add to the epic flavor.

Mimi Burns Band has had their songs listed on compliation cd's for charities as well. Their song Sarah Rose was featured on the UNION cd for www.feed333.com where all monies raised went toward feeding 3 million children in 33 days.

Brave Journey, the bands fourth album, has received interviews with legendary names such as Chris Welsh and The Classic Rock Society. Their music continues to create space to help raise the consciousness of the planet.

You will find them headlining festivals and benefit concerts for those who desire a fantastic show.


Amazing Grace

Written By: Mimi Burns/Stephen Tyler

John Newton was a key player in the slave trade, he eventually saw the error of his ways and became an abolitionist. He wrote Amazing Grace which was inspired by his experience, particularly at his hand as a slave trader and all of those he killed. The original song of Amazing Grace was sung by the people who were enslaved on his ships. Quite a story, reflected particularly well in his song.

We wrote our own version of Amazing Grace, inspired by his story. That song is also called Amazing Grace. We originally recorded the song with an incredible vocal part by Abass, who is from Guinea, in West Africa where John Newton sailed to. His family, many generations ago, were also a part of the slave trade.
Amazing Grace,
the first part is a prayer to the ancestors sung by Abass

20,000 dead lay under the sea
for all of those unrested souls
how do you find your peace?

floating high above you
lying near your bed
keeping you awake at night
as spirits fill your head

Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace

Wretch of a man
you've been forgiven a great crime
who are we to sit and judge
there's only on divine

Amazing Grace
(Abass is singing to his ancestors for peace and light and unification at the end of the song)


Slipping Away - 1999
Touring Europe and the U.K. 1999-2002
The Ballade of Ned Haywood - 2002
Creating songs for the new album and raising children....
I Know You're Out There - 2007
Pre-prodution of a new Rock Opera through the Lighthouse Effect Productions, first series Tír na nÓg- 2009
Sweet Songs- Purchased for HearCare America - 2010
Where The Journey Begins, cd and pre production of Brave Journey- 2011
Brave Journey cd release- 2012
London series and pre production 2012
Studio time for new album- 2013
'Amazing Grace' television series begins filming November 8, 2013
'Amazing Grace' filming for documentary begins filming in London Spring of 2014

Set List

A typical performance of 45 to 90 minutes drawn from a repertoire built over 10 years.

Occasional cover, including Thin Lizzy's "The Black Rose"