Featuring core-members Orlando Haddad and Patricia King, Minas is one of the most established Brazilian Jazz bands in the US today. With a few decades experience performing for American audiences, Minas creates an intimate and unforgettable musical tapestry that transports and inspires listeners.


Founded in 1978 when Orlando and Patricia were students at North Carolina School of the Arts, Minas has endured the test of time and continues to evolve for more than 3 decades. Drawing from Brazilian traditions of samba, bossa nova, baião, axé, as well as American jazz, blues, and folk, Minas mixes north and south seamlessly. Performing originals as well as classics, Orlando and Patricia are available as a duo or a band. This flexibility in configuration has made Minas highly accessible and marketable, specially because Orlando and Patricia stand on their own as instrumentalists and vocalists.


Ode to a Falling Leaf

Written By: Orlando Haddad

Fall, fall, dance in the air
The last chance you get to be up there
In the sun
In your glory, as you fall, fall
Fall with grace because after all
Time and space you have known
But now with no intent
Leave your print on the walkway fresh cement

Your life has been such a rise and fall
In early spring you were round and small
Late in summer you stood up on the branch
Slender and tall
But all that goes up must someday come down
Through weather changes you withstood it all
Wind and rain caressed and beat you
Now a breeze rushes to meet you
As you swirl aound and around
Delaying your inevitable course
To the ground

Fall, fall, dream in the air
Remember the days while you were up there
On life’s stage
That was glory, as you fall, turn
The last page ‘cause in all, you’ve learned
Fly to freedom as you’ve always yearned
Around and around
You will spin and
Green to brown
You will change
No longer bound
You will fall and return to the ground
Fall and return to the ground

Bossa Nova Day

Written By: Patricia King

A dream on a summer day appears
Finally as your love draws sweet and near
Driving along I feel a song
On this bossa nova day
Telling my heart love is here to stay
Feels so right, my head is light
My car seems to glide
Like a melody that takes me for a ride
The rhythm swings, my spirit sings
My heart soars high above
Somehow I know this moment’s about love

For now, all my cares are gone
All I want to sing is this bossa nova song
About your smile
About your laugh and all the above
About a dream come true about love.

Bossa nova summer cruise, bossa nova groove

Riding the streets in my open car
On this feeling that drives and thrills my heart
For love and bossa nova are in the air
Just the music setting for this love affair
Love and this bossa nova mood
Play the rhythm of my heart, play a tune
You are the melody, the sun, the stars, the moon

The Guitarist

Written By: Haddad/King

As twilight waits behind the sky
The sun withdraws its rays now shy
And in a corner alone and dark
He wraps his passion in his arms
And strums a haunting melody
Cradling wood his soul sets free
The notes begin to weave a story
From loss to love to painted glory
We laugh, we cry, we sing inside
The stories he tells are yours and mine

The questions in his searching soul
Pull at the strings, the night unfolds
He moves hearts in a crowded room
Of floating smoke, sweat and perfume
He sings his life from his guitar
It’s all he has, he’s come this far
The music fills what could have been
A silent room a place within
Notes strike chords in heart and mind
The spaces they fill are yours and mine

He packs his tired guitar away
Closes the latches it’s almost day
He shuts the door and leaves the room
As dust settles in rays of the moon.
And leaves behind an emptiness
A silence so loud it screams nothingness
And all that was has come undone
Notes and night erased by sun
We laugh we cry we sing inside
The stories he tells are yours and mine
We laugh we cry we sing inside
The stories he tells are yours and mine


Num Dia Azul (released on vinyl and cassettes in 1983)
Dreams of Brazil (CD, 1986)
Blue Azul (CD, 1996)
Brazilian Music Sampler (CD, 2002)
In Rio (CD, 2006)
Minas & Orchestra (unreleased, 2007)
Bossa Nova Day (CD, 2009)

Set List

Choro Siciliano (King)
Primavera (Haddad)
Ash Wednesday March (Haddad)
Bossa Nova Day (KIng)
The Guitarist (Haddad/King)
Ode to a Falling Leaf (Haddad)
Only the Moon and the Stars (King)
Homenagem à Mineira (Haddad)
Strong Black Coffee (Haddad/King)
Dona Flor (O. Haddad, R. Haddad)
Waters of March (Jobim)
So Danço Samba (Jobim