Toronto, Ontario, CAN
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What is Mindbender made of? The positivity and passion of Mos Def, the insightful lyricism of Chuck D, the performance energy of Busta Rhymes, the poetic potential of Saul Williams, the fearless wordplay of Eminem, and the abstract artistry of Del the Funky Homosapien. Imagine that...


Since 1996, Adhimu "Mindbender" Stewart has consistently created a completely new definition of MC, every single time he rhymes into a mic. His mission is to open the mind's third eye while simultaneously satisfying the third ear of the listener, taking them into a brave new world where intellectual song concepts, creative metaphors, and deep social commentaries reign supreme. Mindbender's exciting and unpredictable flow is intense and refreshingly original, displaying a vast vocabulary and delivering unique wordplay in every song. In 2006, Mindbender completed a record-breaking fifth consecutive year as the host and organizer of Toronto's most popular and longest running open mic showcase, called "In Divine Style".

Mindbender also has been involved in numerous volunteer collectives in various Toronto communities, using hip hop music and culture to help children's self-development, while being constructive and creative. Before attending the historic Millions More Movement event in Washington, Mindbender finished background work on 50 Cent's "Get Rich or Die Trying" major motion picture, and "Sixteen Blocks" with Mos Def and Bruce Willis. Mindbender is also a journalist/columnist for Pound Magazine, where he has covered the Canadian hip hop scene from coast-to-coast for over 3 years, along with writing the cover story featuring Kanye West in 2003, and interviewing John Legend, Prince Paul, Twista, Kool G. Rap, Young Buck, Phonte of Little Brother, among others. In 2006, Mindbender completed "The Invisible Rhythm Showcase", his long-awaited experimental acapella album, and "No More Mr. Fucking Nice Guy Volume 2: The Blasphemy Masterpiece" concept mixtape/album, which are both the official follow-up releases to the critically-acclaimed double CD "Beautiful Mutant". He has recently released "Better Late Than Never Made", an EP with Urbnet Records, as well as "Invisible Rhythm Showcase", an experimental acapella album like nothing else ever known in music history. Currently, he is preparing many projects, including the official follow-up to the critically acclaimed Canadian classic "Mental Reverse/Spiritual Rebirth" with Supreme Being Unit rhyme partner Conspiracy, called "In Space, No One Can Hear You Rhyme", as well as a collaboration album with Micill Shazaam Write called "Obeah". On top of releasing these powerful projects, Mindbender released "Jupiter", co-produced by Rich Kidd (producer for Busta Rhymes, Redman, Saukrates, Drake, M.O.P., and many more) in 2010, and toured Ontario with Abstract Rude, NiLLa and Partyboobtrap, with DJ Tramlife from San Diego, and made an unforgettable impression. In 2011, the amazing artistry simply continues to get bigger and better. Get on board now, who knows what incredible ideas are next to come from Mindbender Supreme?


2010: Mindbender Supreme and Rich Kidd: "Jupiter", SBU: "In Space, No One Can Hear You Rhyme" feat. DJ Weez-L,
2009: "Obeah" feat. Micill Shazzam Write
2007: "Better Late Than Never Made EP" on Urbnet/Futurecho Records
2007: "The Invisible Rhythm Showcase: Mindbender's Acappella Album" on Futurecho/Urbnet Records
2006 - "No More Mr Fu*king Nice Guy Vol. 2" - Mindbender Mixtape/Concept CD
2006 - "Invisible Rhythm Showcase" - Mindbender acapella album
2006 - "In Space No One Can Hear You Rhyme" CD - Supreme Being Unit album featuring Conspiracy, produced by Weez-El, Western Canada DMC Champion
2006 - "Supertoke Vol. 1" Rhythmicru mixtape CD
2006 - "Thundera Sound Crew - The Middle Man" DJ Extrodinare mixtape CD
2005 - "One Mic/50 MCs" mixtape CD - a DJ Projeksiun/DJ Flash release
2005 - "Let The Games Begin" Just Entertainment double mix CD
2005 - "The 5th Element Fast Lyfe" Compilation Series Vol. 3 CD
2004 - "Beautiful Mutant" ~ Mindbender album/Futurecho Records double CD - Urbnet/Outside distribution
2004 - "No More Mr. Fu*king Nice Guy Vol. 1" - Mindbender Mixtape CD
2004 - "The Invasion LP" - guest appearance on Dragon Fli Empire CD
2003 - "Bassments of Badmen Vol. 2" - Hand'Solo Records compilation CD
2002 - "Fantasyland Before Time" - Mindbender album/Futurecho Records CD
2001 - "In Another Universe" - Mindbender EP/Futurecho Records CD
1996 - "Mental Reverse/Spiritual Rebirth" CD - Supreme Being Unit album featuring Conspiracy

Set List

Songs You Will Hear:
anything from the 6 CD catalogue of Mindbender or Supreme Being Unit music, plus cover versions and clever contemporary re-writes of classic hip hop songs by Nas, Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye West, Wu-Tang Clan, and more.

the Live Mindbender Experience:
an electrifying, crowd-pleasing event where everything in the room is a potential piece of the show, and every moment of stage time is used to create maximum musical impact, with spontaneous creativity within artistically disiplined professionalism.

There is no such thing as a typical Mindbender show. Every single performance is unique, as it is inspired by what is and it evolves according to its environment and the audience listening.