Mind Candy

Mind Candy

 Kenmore, Washington, USA

Mind Candy is a fun-loving Seattle-based ska/punk trio specializing in melodic, high-energy music with a lyrical emphasis on individualism and activism. Since 1995, we've played scores of shows around the NW and worked hard to build a modest following around Seattle . Thank you for checking us out!


Mind Candy is a ska-punk trio that has been keeping it real since 1995. While many of today's bands are playing a mix of emo, pop and "post-punk", we are sticking to our roots and playing the music that we grew up loving: a high-energy blend of melodic 'new-school' punk and ska-core. We were influenced by many of the mid-'90s punk bands including NOFX, Operation Ivy, Propagandhi, Less Than Jake and many others but have honed our own sound over the years. We try to write songs that are fun, catchy and that inspire people to think critically about the world they live in and to be active in creating a better one. We have had the privilege of sharing the stage with many amazing bands including Gashuffer, Warsaw Poland Bros., Moral Crux, The Diablotones, Sicko, The Toasters, MU330, The Methadones, The Hollowpoints, Butt Trumpet, Fishbone and many others. Mind Candy was also honored to perform at the 2003 Warped Tour as well as the 2004 and 2005 Seattle Hempfest. We have been a band (on and off) for over a decade and we are looking forward to the coming year and all that it brings. We are planning on recording this Spring and setting up a West Coast tour next Summer. Thank you for your interest! Please contact us for all your rock and roll needs.


We have yet to release a commercial record but we have some live and demo recordings. You can check some of them out at: www.myspace.com/mind_candy

Set List

We have about 45 mins of material that we can play although our usual set is 30-35 mins. We can do a few covers including "Freeze Up" by Operation Ivy and "Linoleum" by NOFX as well as a punk rock version of the Jewel hit "Foolish Games"
Original song titles include:
My Only Problem, Natural Law, Gross National Product, Drinkin', Vel-cro, Thin Air, WarCrime, Force of Habit, The Wheel and Anarchtica