Detroit has been on the rock and roll map for many years now, and thanks to local hard rock sensation MindCandy, it’s bound to say there. MindCandy’s sound draws from the melodic sensibilities of bands such as Stone Temple Pilots and The Doors to the powerful hooks of modern rock bands such as Disturbed and Godsmack, and intertwining them with the virtuosic guitar elements by artists such as Steve Vai and Eddie Van Halen. MindCandy has crafted a new and raw sound showcasing the most evolved form of Detroit Rock.
Formed in 2000, MindCandy began its assault on the music scene with its debut album “Anger Management” promoted by a mini-tour throughout a slew of Detroit Harmony House locations. MindCandy released its second album “Fortune Teller” to a sold-out crowd at The Magic Bag in Ferndale, MI. The following year, an EP entitled “Recognize” was released to another sold-out crowd of over six hundred and marked the beginning of a relationship between MindCandy and the Japan-based martial arts phenomenon known as “Pride Fighting” (MMA). Since the release of “Recognize” in 2004, MindCandy’s music has been premiered on Pride Fighting advertisements, tournaments, DVDs, and Pay-Per-View premiers, spawning international interest in the band’s music. The popularity of the record “Recognize” culminated in April 2005 when MindCandy was awarded the prestigious Detroit Music Award for “Outstanding Pop/Rock Album.” MindCandy’s latest 2005 entry is a double-disc album entitled “Revelations” boasting a set of nine brand new rock-driven songs on the first disc and nine classic MindCandy tunes reworked acoustically on the second. “Revelations might be the most comprehensive thing you guys have done. It touches on every style and thought you guys have done to this point.” Nick Brandon – Go & Do Magazine.
With its heavy, emotional, and inspirational content, Revelations is sure to turn the critic's heads. With fist-raising anthems such as, "Hand of God," "Diary," "I Am," "Road to Babylon," and "Rocket to the Hills," Revelations brandishes a whole new set of sure-to-be rock classics.


2001 - Anger Management
2003 - Fortune Teller
2004 - Recognize EP
2005 - Revelations (Double CD)

Set List

Selections from 4 released albums and various cover songs from time to time.

MindCandy is capable of covering (3) 45 minute sets of original music.