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Mind Capsule @ Sin-E

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

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- --Colin Lynch R Cat Communications

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"Sometimes the first track tells it all. Sometimes that first 30 seconds sells me, or tells me I’ll never play it again. And sometimes it blows me away. When the self-titled release by NY trio Mind Capsule hit my stereo, it did just that.”
- --Bruce Rusk/The Daily Vault

"Excellent musicianship..... a first rate project!"
- Artist First Network

- Musicnoyz.com

“The second album by this instrumental rock power trio...A really good, interesting rock album featuring a great, hard-rocking, very original 10 minute version of the Facelift/Mousetrap/Noisette/Backwards medley that Soft Machine did in 1969, as documented on the BBC 1967-1971 release on Hux”
- Wayside Music


Mind Capsule: The Space Between (2007)
Mind Capsule: Mind Capsule (2005)

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A formidable live presence as well as an accomplished studio project, Mind Capsule combines melodic rock, abstract groove, meticulous arrangements and scorching improvisation within the format of the classic power trio. Underscoring the chemistry between the players is a generous give-and-take that exploits their shared influences (Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Cream, Mahavishnu, the Police) while leaving room for their more divergent musical preoccupations and obsessions (ambient space-rock, 60s pop, early thrash, Bitches Brew-era groove science).

The music is dark, meditative and exploratory, and the trio extends their creative reach through the use of triggered electronics, vintage keyboards and a rich vocabulary of tones and effects. Blending old and new, analog and digital, classic and modern, their sound locates itself somewhere between psychedelic blues-rock and stripped-down prog. The tight, melodic interplay and dense, propulsive rhythm sections balance group interaction and individual histrionics with equal facility�each of the players' distinct, idiosyncratic styles can be heard throughout, but never at the expense of cohesion or their collective voice as a group.