Mindchanger is a high energy alternative rock band influenced by the likes of Bush, Chevelle, Tool, and other hard rock bands.


It can take years to establish a wide fan base, and even longer to cement a band into music history. Frontman Zak Lessman responds: “I don’t have that kind of time.”

He recorded Mindchanger’s debut album “Physics of Closure” alone, track by track with producer Paul Leavitt (All Time Low, The Bled, Senses Fail). When
it was completed, he left his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland and relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina to breathe Mindchanger into a fresh local scene.

Mindchanger was quickly assembled with top notch muscians, and is tearing through the North Carolina’s local scene quickly and effectively. Having
recently shared the stage with Last November (Southern Tracks Records) for their CD release, Mindchanger pulls out all the stops for a breathtaking live show that will leave you wanting more.

The band is currently supporting the Physics of Closure album release with nonstop shows, and will be touring to local states in Spring 2008.


Physics of Closure - 2008

Set List

Typical set - 45 minutes

Set list:
Shades of White
Outside You
Comedown (Bush Cover)