Mind Drop is an explosive band from Northern Illinois.With a catchy radio friendly hard rock sound, they are winning new fans over daily!


Open your mind to MIND DROP! Already topping the IAC Hard Rock Charts and Cashbox Magazine Charts with their singles "Situations" and "Monster", MIND DROP is kicking ass and taking names. Mind Drop has been nominated for a 2008 IAIA Golden Kayak award for "Monster" which is the most prestigious award an unsigned band can acheive. Comprised of Tim Bourbon (Vocals), Adam Deases (Guitar), Chris Ruzic (Bass) and Robert Bull (Drums), Mind Drop has already completed a three song EP with plans to release another four song EP this May. They can best be described as a mix of Nu Metal beat over the head by Old School Metal, but don't think that means they don't offer their own, unique mix to the hard rock/metal genre. Mind Drop has shared the stage with bands such as FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, OBLIGE, OTEP, ANEW REVOLUTION, VANILLA ICE, ANOTHER BLACK DAY, EGYPT CENTRAL, REV THEORY and DROWNING POOL. Be sure to check them out live this Spring and listen to their current single "Situations" and "Monster" right here!
Contact Mind Drop: minddropband@yahoo.com


MIND DROP self titled EP out now! This contains the hit singles "Situations" and "Monster".

MIND DROP radio play:
CMJ #38 on charts
FMQB #58

Set List

Mind Drop set is 15 songs approx 55 minutes long.This is a highly energetic set.