Mind Fish

Mind Fish

 Toledo, Ohio, USA

Nerd Pop music accompanied by caustic confetti drenched live performances built on oddball concepts, sweat, and an array of male hip gyrations. Think OK GO or They Might Be Giants, fronted by David Lee Roth, or Freddie Mercury.


Mind Fish, a four-piece indie rock and self-proclaimed "Nerd Pop" band with dynamic, kooked out, catchy pop songs, is coming to your city to get the conversation started. Their first, full length, studio album, WATCHOUT!, a testament to pet cats, Gandhi, Chevy Chase and 90's Nickelodeon, is guaranteed to give your body some kind of immediate adrenaline based response. Listeners will either break out in cathartic dance, or be prompted to ask, "What the hell are they talking about?" (Sometimes both). Their caustic, confetti drenched live performances are built on these same oddball concepts, sweat, and an array of male hip gyrations and gymnastic feats. Think OK GO or They Might Be Giants, fronted by David Lee Roth, or Freddie Mercury.

Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, Mind Fish lived out their teen years at frantic live shows in the mid-2000's. They crafted their sound around the finest indie rock bands the Mid-west had to offer, in a meticulous, almost formulaic manner, then added a dash of their trademark insanity sauce to the musical crock-pot. Having shared the stage early and often with home town heros and rock and roll mainstays, such as We Are The Fury and The Hard Lessons, only prompted the boys in the band to continue working harder, smarter...and in tighter pairs of pants.

Their goal has not changed since day one; get their music to as many people willing to listen to their cheeky little masterpieces as possible, and they've learned to own it at every stage of the game. In their first two years of band-hood, Mind Fish has played over 100 shows. With a grass-roots DIY tour schedule that has expanded to almost half the United States, Mind Fish is winning over the local yokels of each charming little dive bar they play, one Hep-cat at a time. As of recently, their relentless touring schedule is paying off, gaining them the privilege to play on national showcases with the likes of some of the hottest bands of the
“Here and Now” (Fitz and The Tantrums, The Constellations, Walk the Moon).

So go pick up a copy of WATCHOUT! and within seconds you'll realize Mind Fish has their sound down pat; Midwest Indie Riff-Rock with a theatrically hip dialogue, and energy that yearns for the big city...An impossibly delicious balance of relatable, upbeat, confessional pop tunes, set to anthemic, nursery rhyme melodies Hi-Fi Indie Rock at its FUNNEST. And with gigs already booked from Chicago out to New York City for 2012, it's going to become easier and easier to see what one of the Midwest's most unique bands is all about.


WATCHOUT! - 2012

Singles on the radio:

Reasons - Creadio (McDonalds and many other major retail stores.)

Sunny Afternoon - Athens WOUB

Set List

1. Reasons
2. Better Off Dead
3. Indie Gandhi
4. Detroit Rock 'n' Roll
5. One Day
7. Can't Control At All
8. Pleased To Meet You
9. I Survived A Tragedy
10.Sunny Afternoon