We're a progressive rockband with a fresh and sincere sound. The structure of the songs are quite similar to Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree. Listening to our music is a journey through different soundscapes with a positive philosophic touch.


Mindgames is a progressive rock band from Belgium. The band was founded in 1997 by Eric Vandormael (bass) and Bart Schram (vocals). After a few adds in music magazines they recruit Benny Petak (drums, percussion) and Tom Truyers (piano, keyboards). For almost a year and a half the band consisted of four members. In 1999 they recorded a demo, featuring the songs Mental Argue, Signs From The Sky, and Dreamin' The Circus.

In 2000 Rudy Van Der Veken (guitars) joined, so completing the line-up of the band. At the end of 2002 they released their debut CD International Daylight. On the album you can hear that the band is mostly influenced by Yes, Jethro Tull, Genesis and Frank Zappa. Later on, International Daylight was distributed by the French label Musearecords. Thanks to this the band received favourable reviews from all over the world.

After a few gigs, they manage to build up a strong live reputation. The year 2005 is totally taken up by the composition of new songs.

At the beginning of 2006 Mindgames released their second album Actors In A Play, produced by Frank Van Bogaert. The concept album is a six-act story, focusing on each of the “actors’ in turn, and finally coming to the inevitable conclusion that the world is just one giant play. So far the CD has been selling well, especially in Germany.

Irreconcilable musical differences, which became apparent during the creation of Actors In A Play, resulted in the band ending its cooperation with Eric Vandormael. Al-Tair Azizov took over as the new bass player of the band.


Demo 1999 (1999)
International Daylight (2003)
Actors in a Play (2006)