MindHold Recipe 1 cup of Rock 2 tablespoons of soul 1 oz of funk 1 pinch blues heat to a boil....serve hot!!


In a world of never ending lies, chaos, and confusion has risen a voice....Speaking loud and clear. Saying be free....free to play, free to do, free to express yourself the way your heart desires. To just BE who you are with no fear.

This voice is MINDHOLD.... through their heart pounding beats, gut wrenching instrumentation, and from the soul vocals this band is blurring genre lines and "Freeing Minds One At A Time!!!"

We could fill this bio with tons of flattering words about the band and its members. We could list the many accomplishments and accolades that MindHold has recieved as a unit and as individuals.

But when it all boils down to it we believe the proof is in the pudding...so sample them for yourself.

Check out MindHold performing Live at The Blue Room (Buckhead) in Atlanta, GA in the video section of this EPK.

www.mindhold.us / www.myspace.com/mindhold


Fill You Up (Single 2007)
Turned (Single 2007)
Freedom (Single 2007)

Set List

Typical set is 45 min - 1 hour

Contains a mix of originals and covers.