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Vancouver, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF | AFM

Vancouver, Canada | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Pop




"Rocking For A Reason"

Mindil Beach Markets rocked the auditorium at Chatelech Secondary School on May 31 and then delivered an important message to students about the state of the world’s oceans and how they can help fix the problem.

“Did you know that oceans make up 70 per cent of the surface of the planet and 99 per cent of the biosphere, the living space? So that’s the area that living creatures can actually occupy. And they’re in terrible shape,” band member Rod Campbell told students after delivering a fantastic performance with fellow band members Daniel Kingsbury, Cam Ainslie, Patrick Codere and Matt Posnikoff.

The five men are former Chatelech and Elphinstone secondary school grads and their concert-first-environmental-talk-later approach is dubbed the Jellyfish Project.

“You may ask ‘why jellyfish?’” Campbell said. “Well, jellyfish are a great indicator species, so changes in jellyfish populations represent greater changes in the ecosystem. Jellyfish do well in warm waters, polluted waters and in the absence of predators, which are typically large fish, and all over the world we’re noticing that jellyfish blooms are becoming larger and more common. This is because of those conditions.”

One of the biggest problems, students heard, is overfishing: “Right now there are four million boats pulling in 91 million tonnes of fish every year … we’re pulling them out faster than they can reproduce, and that’s a pretty scary thought,” Codere said. “Ninety per cent of our big fish are now gone — swordfish, marlin, sharks and tuna — so we’re now fishing the last 10 per cent of these species and it’s estimated that by 2050 they’ll all be gone.”

Adding to the issue is the method some companies use to catch seafood that results in many unwanted species of fish caught, then discarded to die. The unwanted fish are referred to as “by-catch.”

“For every one pound of shrimp they catch between five and 15 pounds of by-catch, so it’s totally unsustainable,” Kingsbury noted.

There are other issues affecting the ocean, including the large mass of plastic that has accumulated in the Pacific Ocean. The “plastic soup” is estimated to contain 3.5 million tonnes of discarded plastic that in some places reaches 27 metres deep. “Fish and mammals are ingesting it and they’re dying from it,” Codere said.

With the bleak situation of the ocean’s health solidly portrayed for students, Mindil Beach Markets turned to talk solutions.

“All this stuff is pretty depressing, but there is a lot of hope. There is a big movement afoot right now to combat these environmental issues, and it’s really up to our generation to make a change,” Kingsbury said.

“The power is in the consumer. It’s a consumer driven economy. That means if we stop buying things they’ll stop fishing for them and they’ll stop producing them, so you have a lot of power with your dollar and what you spend it on.”

Teens were encouraged to make sustainable seafood choices, only buying seafood with the Oceanwise symbol, and to be mindful of their plastic consumption, recycling whatever they do purchase. They were also encouraged to share their new knowledge and sign online petitions when they become available.

The Jellyfish Project is free to schools, and Campbell said the band would be interested in delivering it to other students on the Coast in the future. To find out more, go to www.mindilbeachmarkets.com.
- Christine Wood, Coast Reporter (Sechelt)

"The perfect soundtrack for the sun-shining days of summer"

New to the music scene in 2009, Mindil Beach Markets creates the perfect soundtrack for the sun shining days of summer. The five man band fuses the sounds of reggae and a soulful, bluesy rock producing easy listening melodies. It’s Jack Johnson meets The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. The ska influences in the band’s songs will inspire listeners to get up and groove, while still capturing the essence of the West Coast lifestyle.
Many of their songs, like “Cross the Line,” document the carelessness and fun of youth with the unexpected self realizations and epiphanies of the real world closing in on them. “Working man blues,” is a catchy favorite that speaks for itself. Why work when one can play and enjoy life? And that’s exactly what the members of the Mindil Beach Markets are doing, and doing well.
The talented guys speak to a generation leaving home behind to venture into the unknown. The honest lyrics and irresistible sound are sure to catch the ear of any young adult here on the west coast. Mindil Beach Markets are sure to make their mark this season. True to their name, their songs are perfect for the beach.

Ashly Kissman
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"CD Reviews: Mindil Beach Markets"

Engaging a vast audience that includes fans of reggae, rock, hip hop and a dash of folk, B.C. five-piece Mindil Beach Markets’ debut album is nothing short of musical universality. For many bands, getting recognition and attention requires a lot of talent and an equal amount of luck – – and MBM has both, with the help from the hit Machines and the melodic Working Man Blues. The album is almost a compilation of music styles, perfectly brought together by five guys who wanted to reach audiences from all genres. The album also received ample praise from respected artists and has earned MBM credit among them. This album is sure to get you in the mood to “groove” and “jam” with your friends as you become hypnotized by this talented and funky five-piece. - Jared Gauthier, The Uniter (Winnipeg)

"An "Every Man's" Band"

"Mindil Beach Markets has endeavored, and succeeded, to become an “every man’s” band. They certainly have fostered their own sound mixing rock/reggae/folk and hip hop into a rich and organic sound." - Lana Bladon - www.raisedonindie.com

"Their live show created quite the buzz!"

Mindil beach has a unique sound and an awesome energy. They were one of the highlights of VIMBC 2009, and have many new fans on Vancouver Island. They were amongst the first to receive a showcase based on the strength of their recorded material and their live show created quite the buzz! We look forward to seeing them again!" - Susie Mcgregor, Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist

"A band to watch"

Fresh, upbeat tracks and unique, tightly woven lyics, Mindil Beach Markets bring a sense of unity between them and their audience. - Tyler Blair, 105.9 CVUE FM

"Book this band!"

Mindil Beach Markets have been nothing but professional and accommodating to work with; these guys are putting in the work to be successful. They've proven time and again with their up-tempo, energetic show that they would lend themselves well to any number of stages. - Dave Sawchuk, Assistant Program Director/Music Director at Sonic 102.9

"I really like these guys!"

I really like these guys! They make me want to be a teenager again, discovering the Stones and the Zombies. Intelligently-honed songs delivered over jammy grooves that draw from rock, reggae and all things rootsy. They even throw in a bit of rap. I can't wait to see what lies in store for Mindil Beach Markets. - Larry Wayne Clark, Award-winning Nashville-based producer, songwriter and music publisher. Co-owner

"A very musical, hip band"

Mindil Beach Markets is like a musical Mr. Potato; reggae ears, funk Lips, and a pop nose! A very musical hip band all the way! All the staff and fans at the Voodoo Lounge, Vancouver Island want to play that game again and again.
- Michael Behm, Premier Recording Artist, producer, songwriter, club owner

"Polished songwriters and performers"

These guys came across as polished songwriters and performers...I can't wait to see them live again!
- Ryan Mennie, Music Director 97.3 The Eagle

"A band to keep your eyes and ears on"

With engaging grooves and warm inviting vocals, Mindil Beach Markets, is a band to keep your eyes and ears on. Listening to their music feels like being in the Caribbean quaffing Jamaican rum... it's a good feeling - Angela Kelman - Farmers Daughter, Lead Vocalist


"I had the chance to meet and listen to Mindil Beach Markets for the first time on a resent trip to B.C. Wow! This is a group to watch and one that would make a great addition to any concert line up!!"
- Cliff Dumas - Program Director, KSON, San Diego, CMA "Radio Personality Of The Year", CCMA Hall Of F


The Sweet Tea EP - July 2015

It Might Take Long - March 2013

Mindil Beach Markets - Oct 2010



For a group with a complex list of influences, Mindil Beach is simply named after a coastline in Darwin, Australia. Through the skillful blending of rock, hip hop, funk and folk, they've created sonic cocktail that is equal parts soul, adrenaline and swagger. Their diversity of appeal has enabled them to play alongside a wide variety of notable acts (Sam Roberts, USS, Bedouin Soundclash). But no matter the size of the venue, every Mindil Beach show feels like you're dancing in your living room.

Mindil Beach are currently touring their latest release, The Sweet Tea EP, which features the single, Love Like Mine. They are also participating in one of Canada's premiere artist development programs, the Peak Performance Project. Past winners include Dear Rouge, Current Swell and Kyprios.

After the release of their sophomore record, It Might Take Long (2013), Mindil Beach found themselves at a crossroads. Local success of the album's lead single, Smoking Gun, served as a springboard for national exposure, and they opted to leave Vancouver Island for a more nomadic lifestyle. After spending nearly a year in an RV, touring coast to coast, Mindil Beach have now put down roots in Vancouver and are working on their third full length album.

The band’s passion for music goes hand in hand with their passion for the environment. In 2011, the boys founded The Jellyfish Project, an environmental initiative targeting Canadian high school and middle school students to generate awareness about ocean sustainability, climate change and environmental stewardship. The program has been presented in more than 100 schools to over 50,000 students, and has partnered with the Vancouver Aquarium and the David Suzuki Foundation. 

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