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Mindless Hope

Philadelphia, PA | Established. Jan 01, 2009

Philadelphia, PA
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Metal Progressive




"Music Review from Euterpia Radio - France (April 18, 2017)"

The discovery of the day, coming from Jamendo , it's named Mindless Hope . Lovers of soft music, go your way, because it is rock that sends heavy!

The Speechless mini album is a mix of several musical styles. Musically, there are riffs, rhythmic breaks, and arrangements that come straight out of progressive rock, while vocally, a grunt voice and a more melodic voice make passes in all the titles.

Originally from USA, the band has two albums - Verbatim, an instrumental album, and Unlocking a New Realm of Existence - and a mini album - Speechless - all available on Jamendo under a Creative Commons license.

Good listening ! -

"Whiskey Tango Show Review (Aug. 20, 2016)"

As Mindless Hope continues to prepare for the Fall release of their next album "Unlocking A New Realm of Existence" the band's live set is being perfected. Their latest live assault took place Saturday night at Whiskey Tango in Philadelphia, PA.

Mindless Hope performed for roughly 45 minutes, playing songs from their album "Verbatim" (including the songs "Trepidation" and "The Hornet's Revenge") showing the crowd the complexity of their music. With two vocalists and three guitarists the band blends solid harmonies and dynamic riffs with the drums and bass that bolster each song. The band ended their set with an almost 8 minute bludgeoning titled "War Wagon", one of the songs from their upcoming release. Follow Mindless Hope on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at www.mindlesshope.com for more live dates - John Doan - Musicfrenzy.net

"Mindless Hope set to release their new album “Unlocking A New Realm of Existence”"

The progressive metal band MINDLESS HOPE is preparing for the release of their new full length audio experience “Unlocking A New Realm of Existence” this Fall.

Forming just outside of Philadelphia, PA, MINDLESS HOPE creates music that reaches back to classic progressive rock with a metal edge that’s riveting and melodic featuring powerful vocals and strong instrumental grooves. Each song allows the listener to feel the emotion in the music and conclude on a personal level what it all means.

MINDLESS HOPE has been given life through the complete immersion of seven dedicated musicians. Beginning in 2009 lead guitarist and founding member Matt Grosse spent four plus years writing material for the band’s first self-released album. After writing, rehearsing, and playing the music live their debut album “Verbatim” was launched in May 2013. MINDLESS HOPE at that time was an instrumental progressive metal band. The “Verbatim” lineup was short lived and Grosse went back to the drawing board.

In order to fully execute his next vision, Grosse brought in two vocalists (Mark David and David Elliott III) and two more guitarists (Peter Roland Romero, Jr. and Rob Covello) in addition to new drummer Travis Ebner and new bassist Roger Haff. “Unlocking A New Realm of Existence” brings to reality what Grosse had envisioned...expressive music deeply rooted in the power of metal with lyrics that evoke internal thought.

MINDLESS HOPE will soon release their first single “War Wagon” and a video play through. A video introducing the song can be viewed below. - John Doan - Musicfrenzy.net

"Mindless Hope - Neoclassical Metal for a New Century (Nov 18, 2013)"

"If you like guitar shredders like Joe Satriani, Marty Friedman, Jason Becker and Vinnie Moore, then do yourself a favor and check out Mindless Hope and their debut "Verbatim". You check out Mindless Hope on their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/mindlesshope and you can check out their debut at https://soundcloud.com/mindlesshope/sets/verbatim" - Sean Dehart, KXZR FM Radio

"1st Album Blurb - Lonn Friend (Sept. 19, 2013)"

"Wish these talented metallic boys nothing but the best with their impressive new release. Buy it, crank it, share it..." - Lonn Friend

"Inside Music Today - Feb. 23 Episode (Feb 14, 2013)"

"The band that will be featured on this show is Mindless Hope. Unbelievable harmony guitar work. We are so happy to showcase them to our IMT fans."

"Our final band on this show, Mindless Hope, is the band we taped at Pasquale's the night we met Howard Durann and his Bucks County Open Mic. Don't think you'll see any better guitar work than this talented band!" - Inside Music Today

"Publik Muzik.COM (Jan 20, 2013)"

“MINDLESS HOPE stepped in front of the crowd and blew it back a foot. The only thing more dominating than their raw power was their ability to blend 3 lead guitars into a harmonic treat to the ears.” - Matt Rovnan

"Music Monday Review (October 29, 2012)"

"This week's Music Monday's post comes from Philadelphia's Mindless Hope.

Mindless Hope are a killer 5 man, progressive instrumental metal band. Their first album is called Verbatim and this is the first cut.

An Antikythera Mechanism is an ancient analog computer that is thought to have calculated astronomical motions with incredible accuracy and precision considering it is 2100 years old. Modern science would not achieve similar mechanical precision until the late 14th century when clocks began to be built with similar precision.

Just like the ancient and mysterious Antikythera, this track's constant meter and precision is a demonstration of total mastery. The guitar distortion is a perfect blend of low and high end rumble and it sounds like the chug of 50 steam engines combined with the wail of Joe Satriani's evil children." - ColdPlaySucks.com

"Out on the Town Entertainment Guide (October 11, 2012)"

The content of this article is linked on the title. - Out on the Town Entertainment Guide


The Hornets' Revenge EP - 2011

Verbatim - 2013

Unlocking a New Realm of Existence - 2016

Speechless EP - 2017



Mindless Hope is made up of six unique personalities that bring their eclectic influences to every song. Soaring, multi-part harmonies combined with a driving progressive metal sound, bests describes this Philly area band. Each member plays their own orchestrated piece in every song, while individually weaving their unique style into the cohesive fabric that is Mindless Hope.


“With two vocalists and three guitarists, the band blends solid harmonies and dynamic riffs with the drums and bass that bolsters each song…” said John Doan of musicfrenzy.net when describing the “8-minute bludgeoning titled ‘War Wagon.’”


To date, Mindless Hope has released two full-length albums titled “Verbatim,” (2013) and “Unlocking a New Realm of Existence,” (2016) as well as an EP called “Speechless,” (2017) where six instrumental songs from “Verbatim,” were remixed and mastered with vocals added. They are currently writing and recording their third full-length album entitled “Mental Truancy” with an expected release in 2019.

Recommended by Lonn Friend - Veteran music journalist, former editor of the iconic hard rock publication RIP Magazine, multi-media personality and twice published author (Life on Planet Rock, Sweet Demotion) - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lonn_Friend

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